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MAC Eyeshadow Collection + Swatches

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mac eyeshadow collection review swatches

MAC are probably most famous for their eyeshadows, closely followed by their lipsticks. With such a huge, permanent selection of colours, finishes, textures and different forms of eyeshadow on offer, along with numerous limited edition collections being constantly released, there is always a new shade that I crave.

mac eyeshadow collection review swatches neutral palettemac eyeshadow collection review swatches bright palette

Although it can become quite expensive, I love that MAC allow you to build up your own palette, customising your personal, makeup collection. These shadows are available as an individual pot (£12) or a pan refill (£10), that can easily slot into a palette, that you purchase separately. I have to say, the price of the palette has jumped up considerably, since I last bought one. That means, if you fill a whole 15 eyeshadow palette, it will cost you a whopping £170.50, which is rather excessive! You can purchase smaller palettes of either two or four shadows, to kickstart your collection with your most favourite shades. This way of holding and storing your shadows is so convenient for both travelling and keeping your makeup in order.

On a daily basis, I will usually turn to my beloved MAC eyeshadows, as I know they will never let me down, whatever look I'm after. They have such high pigmentation and colour payoff is always really good, even when I neglect an eyeshadow primer. I never get any powder fallout under the eye, when I use these shadows and they wear really well, without fading, but that may be just the way I apply them (pack on the shadow, blend, build, blend and so on). Not only do MAC have amazing pan eyeshadows, but they have a range of gorgeous, intense, loose pigments, creamy paintpots, paints and mineralize shadows, among others. Today though, I'm focusing on my main palettes.

mac eyeshadow collection review swatches dazzlelight shroom retrospeck gleam naked lunch
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches - Dazzlelight, Shroom, Retrospeck, Gleam & Naked Lunch
Dazzlelight (Veluxe Pearl) - Very light neutral with silver shimmer
Shroom (Satin) - Soft beige with shimmer
Retrospeck (Lustre) - Pale yellow gold with silver shimmer
Gleam (Lustre) - Light, baby pink with golden shimmer
Naked lunch (Frost) - Pale baby pink with shimmer

mac eyeshadow collection review swatches arena all that glitters honesty omega era
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches - Arena, All That Glitters, Honesty, Omega & Era
Arena (Satin) - Soft peach with golden pearl
All That Glitters (Veluxe Pearl) - Pink beige with golden pearl
Honesty (Lustre) - Pale pewtered bronze with red/orange shimmer
Omega (Matte) - Soft, muted beige taupe
Era (Satin) - Soft golden beige with golden shimmer

mac eyeshadow collection review swatches patina tempting woodwinked copperplate mulch
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches - Patina, Tempting, Woodwinked, Copperplate & Mulch
Patina (Frost) - Taupe brown with golden pearl
Tempting (Lustre) - Rich, cocoa brown with chunky, golden shimmer
Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl) - Warm, bright gold with golden pearl
Copperplate (Matte) - Muted mid toned grey
Mulch (Velvet) - Deep, bronzed brown with light, golden shimmer

mac eyeshadow collection review swatches expensive pink amber lights twins mystery burn
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches - Expensive Pink, Amber Lights, Twinks, Mystery & Brun
Expensive Pink (Veluxe Pearl) - Bright golden pink with duochrome golden pearl
Amber Lights (Frost) - Bright, orangey copper with golden shimmer
Twinks (Veluxe Pearl) - Deep plum brown with pearl
Mystery (Satin) - Muted plum-brown
Brun (Satin) - Muted blackish-brown

mac eyeshadow collection review swatches sumptuous olive greensmoke steamy club satin taupe
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches - Sumptuous Olive, Greensmoke, Steamy, Club & Satin Taupe
Sumptuous Olive (Veluxe Pearl) - Yellow khaki with pearl
Greensmoke (Lustre) - Tarnished olive with silver shimmer
Steamy (Frost) - Intense blue/green with gold pearl
Club (Satin) - Red brown with duochrome green pearl
Satin Taupe (Frost) - Mid brown with silver shimmer

mac eyeshadow collection review swatches shale trax nocturnelle smut carbon
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches - Shale, Trax, Nocturnelle, Smut & Carbon
Shale (Satin) - Muted lilac grey with subtle silver shimmer
Trax (Velvet) - Mid-toned purple with golden shimmer
Nocturnelle (Frost) - Deep pink/purple with purple shimmer
Smut (Velvet) - Muted black with red shimmer
Carbon (Matte) - Intense black

As you can see, I'm a sucker for a neutral eye, but I do dabble with some brights when I'm feeling adventurous, mostly on evenings out. I only possess a small selection of matte shades from MAC, as I tend to use the matte shadows from my other palettes, such as my Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette. If I could only use one brand of eyeshadow for the rest of my life, though, it would have to be MAC. They are such high quality that the extortionate pricing is a little more bearable and I have only finished one shadow entirely ('Mystery'), because I use it everyday for my brows. Definitely great value for money, in my opinion! I do wish that the palettes themselves weren't quite so expensive, but I'd much rather buy one palette than pay more, each time I bought an individual eyeshadow.

What do you think of MAC eyeshadows? What are your favourite shades?


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