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Nars Powder Blush Collection Review + Swatches

20:54Alice Grace

nars powder blush collection review swatches

Blush has been making quite the comeback in my collection, recently. I tend to go through phases of going over the top and purchasing a few in one go and then having a dry spell, whilst I lust after another makeup item. One brand that always reels me back in, though, is Nars Cosmetics - by far, they are my favourite for blushes. Passing a counter is dangerous for me - as soon my eyes are drawn to the plethora of beautiful compacts, I can basically forget whatever I'm on my way to do, as I'll be lost in a frenzy of swatching for at least ten minutes. I don't think I've ever been to a Nars counter and not made a blush purchase - I just can't help it; they're like a glow-giving, buttery smooth, wonderfully pigmented drug. I am well and truly addicted.

nars powder blush collection review swatches

Yes, the notorious names of the Nars Blushes may be wickedly sexual, but if you can get over that, the quality is just insane. In total, there's 32, powder, cheek colours on offer, with four of those being classed as Nars' highlighting blushes. Of course, Nars also have their cream blushes and their famous multiples, but today I'm just focusing on their powder creations. Spanning from subtle, easy to wear shades, through to full-on, acidic brights and deeper, darker hues, there is something to cater for everyone's taste.

Formula wise, I haven't come across any other brand that produces blushes that come close to those from Nars. Never have I been disappointed, even when naughtily buying online without swatching the product in person, first. Even though they're a powder formula, they feel almost creamy and refuse to cake on the skin. A couple of the more out-there shades take a bit of extra careful work than the majority, but they all end up looking just as gorgeous. The pigmentation is powerful, especially with some of the darker shades and building light layers is the best way to get a flattering finish, rather than adding too much, too soon. Clown cheeks are never a good look. Each one can be worn sheerly, or you can build up the intensity to suit the look you're going for. Fading throughout the day isn't an issue with the Nars blushes and I hardly ever carry them in my bag for touch ups. I don't find that they ever cling to any dry patches, or start to exaggerate my pores, either.

So, onto the shades that make up my collection...

nars luster powder blush review swatch golden peach bronze shimmer gorgeous glow

Nars Luster Blush has been the blush that I wear the most out of my whole collection. A gorgeous, coppery peach shade that's infused with finely milled, golden shimmer, it's perfect all year round. During summer, it adds a bronzed glow to the cheeks that accentuates a tan beautifully and, in winter, it creates a hint of warmth that complements the red and berry tones that are so popular during the season. Personally, I like using it regardless of whether I'm tanned or at my palest, but I could understand if those blessed with a porcelain complexion may think it leans a little too orange. The texture is smooth and it glides on like a dream. I'm well and truly hooked on this shade and can see myself hitting pan very soon.

nars deep throat powder blush review swatch peachy pink brightens slight shimmer perfect spring summer

Nars Deep Throat Blush is a beauty blogger favourite and I'm sure you can see why. This one is a coral, peachy-pink shade, containing some very subtle, silver shimmer. On the cheeks, it really perks up your complexion and is a good all-round shade, for most make up looks. New to Nars blushes? I'd highly recommend starting out with Deep Throat, as it's effortlessly beautiful and you don't need to think too much when applying it. I'm sure that this colour will flatter most skin tones and the formula is so soft and buttery, that it's hard not to love.

nars taos powder blush review swatch raspberry red golden shimmer natural flush amazing dark skin

Nars Taos Blush looks a bit daunting in the compact and it certainly packs a punch of pigmentation, even when lightly swatched. A bold, raspberry-red hue that contains quite a generous helping of golden shimmer, it's one of those shades that you might assume would leave you looking like you'd just sprinted a marathon. Don't shy away from it, though, as it's surprisingly flattering. You definitely don't want to be heavy-handed when applying this shade, but if you go lightly, it adds a lovely, natural-looking flush to the cheeks. As it isn't matte, it doesn't look too stark on the skin, with the shimmer helping it to remain radiant and not ruddy-looking. The trick with this blush, is to blend, blend and blend some more and, as the texture is so smooth, it should look amazing.

nars dolce vita powder blush review swatch plum berry silver shimmer mauve natural neutral

Nars Dolce Vita Blush is a deep, plum, berry shade, that holds the tiniest amount of silver shimmer in it. Rather than the shimmer looking like shimmer, it has more of a pearlescent sheen. Like Taos, this is another bold colour, but it's a little softer looking thanks to the difference in shimmer and less red tone. Again, just like the others, the soft formula helps it to blend well, leaving a wash of berry colour behind, as opposed to a harsh streak. This would look absolutely amazing on those with darker skin!

nars new order powder blush review swatch highlighting icy pink silver glitter intense shine glow

Nars New Order Highlighting Blush is one of Nars' highlighting blushes and boy, does it do its job well. This icy, cool-toned pink shade gives cheeks a water-like sheen, thanks to being packed full of intense, silver glitter. This is a great, quick multi-tasker, as it acts as a blush and highlighter in one. A great option for those with a paler skin tone, but the darker your skin is, the less the pink colour will shine through. Not all is lost though, as it will still look amazing as a striking highlight on the top of the cheekbone. When applying this shade, glittery fall-out can be an issue, so I'd advise tapping off any excess powder from your brush before sweeping it on, to avoid as much mess as possible. Thanks to the chunkier flecks, it also feels slightly grittier than the other blushes, but only when swatched and not when applied on to the cheek.

nars oasis powder blush review swatch dusky lilac rose golden shimmer neutral colour easy to wear

Nars Oasis Blush is the newest addition to my Nars blush collection, but I can see it soon creeping towards the top of my most-used products list. It's a dusky, slightly lilac, rose colour, that is brought to life by a tonne of golden shimmer. However, this shimmer isn't at all overpowering on the cheek, giving a radiant glow, instead. Not too light and not too dark, this is a great, universal shade that will flatter most skin tones. Another point to note, is that it has more of a neutral tone to it, without leaning too cool or warm, which can be hard to find with blush. Like the rest, the formula is just delectably velvety and feels lovely.

nars sex appeal powder blush review swatch soft peach matte finish subtle brightening perfect pale skin

Nars Sex Appeal Blush may not look like much in the pan, or when swatched, due to it being such a light tone. You may overlook it, expecting it to barely show up and generally be a bit blah. But, when applied, the soft, peach shade helps to perk up and brighten the face. This is the only matte blush that I own from Nars. Even though it doesn't contain any shimmer at all, it doesn't look dull on the skin. It's more powdery than the others, but it doesn't ever become cakey or emphasize peach fuzz, in my experience. On paler to medium skin tones, this blush works a treat, but if you have darker skin, it may look ashy.

nars super orgasm powder blush review swatch bright frosty pink chunky gold glitter perfect night out blush

Nars Super Orgasm Blush - think of the classic Orgasm shade, in all its frosty, peachy-pink glory, but ramped up a notch with the addition of some serious, noticeable glitter. Honestly, this wouldn't have been a shade that I would've picked myself, but after receiving this sample with an order and trying it, I'm warming to it. For me, this is one hundred percent a night-out, more dramatic blush. As it's packed to the rafters with chunky glitter, it can be somewhat difficult to work with. You know the drill. You apply a glittery blush before you go out and underneath the lights of the restaurant/bar/club, you suddenly notice that you are covered in the stuff. Super Orgasm always happens to be the culprit, so watch how much you apply. That aside, it looks stunning on the cheeks and, even though the formula is drier and quite rough to the touch due to the glitter, it still manages to look fresh when applied.

When it comes to Nars Cosmetics Blushes, my one and only gripe is the packaging. Cue the groans. For my perfectionist personality, nothing is more upsetting than when I put a brand new product into my makeup bag and, on removal a day later, find that the once pristine case has been ruined. Black, rubber-like compacts really aren't going to stay clean for long, which grinds my gears. Their saving grace is that they're slim and small, containing a good 4.8g of product and a decently sized mirror. At £21.50 a pop, they don't come cheap, but if you're looking for a blush that you'll love and will use time and time again, then go and peruse a Nars counter. If you aren't left a happy bunny, I'll eat my hat!

Which Nars blush is your favourite?


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  1. Oh my god I'm going to come and steal your NARS blush collection haha. I'm dying to try Deep Throat & Orgasm, I haven't saw New Order before but it looks so gorgeous and unusual!

    Hannah x

    1. Haha! Yeah, I have my eye on Orgasm, but I already have Sleek 'Rose Gold' which is pretty similar, but ten times cheaper :) Yeah, 'New Order' is really different. A bit of a pain to use with the fall-out, but it just looks so nice on the cheeks :) x

  2. Wow such an amazing post Alice! I only have one NARS blush - Luster, and I am in love with it as it's so beautiful. Looking at your swatches, I need Sex Appeal in my life xxx

    Gem - Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thanks, lovely :) You just can't beat them - I'm in love with pretty much every shade! If you like 'Sex Appeal' from the swatch, then you'll love it even more when you wear it! :)



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