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TOP 5 Spring Blushes + Swatches

13:38Alice Grace

top 5 spring blushes review

A couple of weeks ago, it was getting a lot warmer, I finally put my Winter coats away and we were seeing lots more sunshine. Since then, the weather has been up and down, but for the past couple of days, the sunshine has powered through. Spring has finally arrived, it seems! So, I thought I'd show you my favourite blushes to wear during this season. As you'll find out, I much prefer warmer tones, especially when the sun's out.

nars sex appeal blush review

Nars Sex Appeal is a very subtle, peachy-pink blush that adds a touch of colour to the cheeks. It doesn't contain any shimmer whatsoever, giving a matte, but satiny finish. Understated, this gives a gentle, warm glow, which is perfect if you're after a more natural, overall look. Alternatively, when paired with a more dramatic eye or lip, this blush helps to pull everything together and finish off a look, without going overboard with colour. I often wear this when I'm sporting a classic, red lip, for example. The swatch makes the blush shade look even more pale than usual, but on the cheek it can be built up to be stronger. Nars blushes blend seamlessly onto the cheek, creating a healthy-looking wash of colour. The formula of this blush is no different and feels lovely, despite being a little powdery. Personally, I find Nars blushes to be some of the best. They are rather expensive, but the formula is great and they have a wide shade range, offering something for everyone. My only real qualm, is the black, rubberised compact, which gets dirty easily and is difficult to keep smudge-free.

benefit sugar bomb box powder blush review
benefit sugar bomb box powder blush individual swatches
benefit sugar bomb box powder blush combined swatch

I love all of the Benefit box powders, but Benefit Sugarbomb Blush is just so unique. Combining four separate, blush shades, you can create a multitude of looks, but I prefer to mix them all together, resulting in a punchy, shimmery, coral-pink colour, as shown in the swatch above. The darker of the pink tones seems to dominate the overall blush colour, so if you want to mix it up a bit, just try using the paler three shades. Rather than a chunky glitter, the blush is laced with a pearlescent shimmer. Pigmentation is good and a couple of swirls with a brush, is all you need to get a gorgeous flush. The formula is soft, smooth and smells so sweet and delicious! If you have sensitive skin and are concerned by fragrance, then you may not get on with the Benefit blushes, I'm afraid. Each box powder comes with a small brush inside and I do actually like to use the brushes with the blushes. As they are soft, but quite densely packed, this allows a good distribution of colour, which is effortlessly blended out. Again, this blush from Benefit isn't cheap, but you get more product than other high-end options. Strangely, I've noticed that you get 4g more product in the Sugarbomb powder, compared to Benefit's other box blushes, for the same price. Though, this could be because there are four separate shades in this particular version.

tom ford love lust blush review
tom ford love lust cheek color blush swatch

Tom Ford Love Lust Cheek Color is similar to Benefit's Sugarbomb, but the shade leans more pink and is much more intense. A coral-pink shade, it's flecked with a tonne of gold shimmer. It can look a bit much if you're too heavy handed, but it adds such a beautiful radiance to the face. This is one blush that I don't often have to top up throughout the day, as it lasts so well on the cheek, which is a big plus.
Yes, it's Tom Ford. Yes, it's extortionate and practically daylight robbery! But, everything about the product is decadent: the packaging, the buttery formula of the powder and of course, the stunning, radiant colour! We all deserve to splurge once in a while and Tom Ford cosmetics really are the way to do it!

maybelline flash plum blush review
maybelline flash plum blush swatch

Maybelline's Flash Plum Blush is a gorgeous, raspberry-plum colour, shot through with yet more golden shimmer. Unfortunately, this blush is a lot more dry in texture, compared with the others, which can make it harder to work with. Also, it's a lot sheerer, needing a few layers to really get a good amount of colour payoff. There's a tiny hint of a floral fragrance with this blush, but it isn't overpowering, although you may want to steer clear if you have sensitive skin. I wouldn't recommend using the brush that comes in the compact, as I find it to be useless. Considering that this is a drugstore product, that sits just over the £5 mark, I think this is a nice blush. Even though the formula is a bit of a disaster, the shade is lovely and it won't break the bank. If you don't mind spending a bit longer on your blush, then this is a great, cheap product.

sleek flamingo blush review
sleek flamingo blush swatch

 Sleek's Flamingo is the perfect pick-me-up shade, which looks stunning when the sun's shining. A bright, hot pink, it has a sheen to it, rather than being overtly shimmery. You need to have a light hand when you use this, as it is extremely pigmented and a little goes a very long way. It has a soft texture, but it's a bit dusty in formula. For the price though, that really isn't too much of an issue. This blush is the cheapest out of those mentioned in this post, but you wouldn't know that just from wearing it. Strong pigmentation, great texture and a mirrored compact, are all features that make this blush an absolute bargain. Sleek offer a good shade selection, however, the majority of colours are bright and strong, so if you're more of a natural girl, then these blushes may not float your boat.

Which are the blushes do you reach for most during Spring?


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  1. Ooh Flamingo looks lovely :D x

    1. You have to go and give it a swatch in Superdrug, it's gorgeous :) xx

  2. I loooove that you have a range of high-end and high street brands on here! Keep up the great work!

    Love Zoe x

    1. Just had a look at your blog and it's lovely! Just subscribed :) xx


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