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Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks Review + Swatches

15:13Alice Grace

soap and glory sexy mother pucker gloss stick review

Clearly, I can't stop. Picking up lip crayons has become a bit of an issue for me. It's such a habit, that I find myself making the purchases without even thinking, getting a nice surprise when I come across them in my lip drawer. My last foray into the chubby stick realm was definitely a conscious one, though. After hearing so much praise regarding Soap & Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks, I made it my mission to go and get a couple.

Unlike other chubby stick-esque lipsticks I've tried, Soap & Glory's variations have a much more luxurious feel to them. Rather than being reminiscent of a tinted lip balm, these feel more like a lipstick/gloss hybrid. When applied, the creamy formula glides on and literally melts onto the lips. But, the formula isn't too soft, so the stick isn't worn down too quickly. They may be ten times more glossy and hydrating than their competition, but they're completely free of any stickiness. Instead of just sitting on top of the lips, these feel like a treatment, really penetrating the skin and moisturising. My pout is left looking so juicy and plumped, with a vinyl-like shine. Almost bee-stung, my lips end up looking so smooth and healthy, with no dry lumps or bumps, even if my lips are a bit worse for wear. Pigmentation wise, both of the shades I picked up were nudes, so have a sheer colour to them. Some of the brighter, more vibrant shades are on my wish-list at the moment, so I can see how they fare soon enough. 

Like with Marmite, you'll either love or hate their strong, vanilla scent, which is quite sugary and sweet. Lovely at first, but it can get a little sickly after a few top ups during the day, I find. As with the majority of glossy lip products, these don't last much more than a few hours, but a hint of colour remains, along with a balmy residue, after the glossiness wanes. That's a major plus in my book, as they never dry out my pout, even if I don't re-apply.

soap and glory sexy mother pucker gloss stick nudist bashful review
soap and glory sexy mother pucker gloss stick nudist bashful swatches
soap and glory sexy mother pucker gloss stick nudist swatch

Nudist - A gorgeous, brown-toned, nude shade, with golden shimmer, it's a soft shade that's (wait for it…) a typical, 'my lips but better' colour. There may be some shimmer in there, but it's so fine and subtle that it just adds a glow to the lips, rather than a full-on, frosty finish. When it comes to nudes, I always reach for those with a warmer, brown undertone, as I feel they better suit my complexion and this one is ideal. Easy to wear, I've been sporting 'Nudist' more than any other lip product for the past, few weeks and it's even overtaken some of my holy-grail lip colour favourites.

soap and glory sexy mother pucker gloss stick bashful swatch

Bashful - A pretty, pale, pink shade, infused with some pink and silver shimmer. Whilst I don't often opt for light, pink tones, this one seemed rather neutral and not too warm or cool-toned, brightening up my complexion. Again, the shimmer is so slight that it isn't at all obvious or overpowering. I'm not as taken with this shade, but it's lovely for adding a subtle pop of pink and will be perfect for when Spring/Summer comes around again.

The packaging is very deceiving, as you get significantly less product in there, than you may expect from looking at them. All is forgiven when they have a high-street price tag of £8 and the formula is one of the best I've tried, though. Typical of Soap & Glory, the product name is cheeky and flirts with being inappropriate, but I don't see anything wrong with that! Usually, the brand's designs are cute and kitsch, but these gloss sticks do have more of a sleek, grown-up feel to them. These bad boys are by far my favourite chubby stick copy, outshining any other lip crayons that I've tried. I can't wait to get my hands on some of the brighter, more vivid colours in the line.

Have you tried the Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Gloss Sticks?


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