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Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme Review + Swatch

09:56Alice Grace

becca ultimate coverage concealing creme review

As soon as the time comes to switch-up my cement-like foundations for sheerer formulas, or even no base at all, I rejoice, but seeming to sense this change in my summer makeup preferences, my skin often likes to put a spanner in the works and misbehave. When blessed with a beastly break-out, patchy pigmentation or raging redness, it can be tempting to reach for a trusty bottle of Estee Lauder Double Wear, safe in the knowledge that it can erase every single 'flaw'. Stop right there. Instead, a high-coverage concealer is your secret weapon to hide any naughty nasties, whilst leaving the rest of the face looking as natural as possible. My most-recent discovery is the Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme and, boy, it's a game-changer!

When it comes to concealer, I'm not easily impressed and I had predicted that my beloved Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer would be unrivaled in my collection, taking pride of place on my dressing table, forever more. Until I picked up a pot of the Becca Concealing Creme, on a recent trip to Space NK. After having a rocky relationship with another product in Becca's Ultimate Coverage line, the Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme Foundation, I thought the concealer version could win me over. My prediction was spot on.

My ideal formula has to offer a high-coverage that can camouflage both under-eye shadows and blemishes, in one, and be long-wearing in all climates. It needs to blend like a dream, leaving a natural, radiant finish on the skin that never looks dry or cakey. Yes, I'm demanding. Fortunately, Becca's little pot of magic has got all of that covered.

becca ultimate coverage concealing creme praline review swatch

Usually, concealers that provide a strong coverage tend to be hard to work with, or dry down to a chalky, matte finish that I just can't stand. Although Becca's concealer is solid and has a firmer texture than liquid formulas, it still has a very slick, creamy feel. Thanks to that rich consistency, the product blends in seconds and keeps the skin looking radiant and supple, even when you layer it up. Being so packed with pigment, just a few dabs of this concealer is enough to tackle all pesky imperfections, without plastering on too much. Water-resistant, it doesn't budge once it has set after a minute or so. A perfect choice for taking on a summer holiday, it's sweat-proof and won't disappear if you fancy taking a dip with your makeup on.

When on-the-go or rushed for time, I use a small, fluffy brush to really buff the concealer and work it into the skin. But, the best tool to use is fingers, as the warmth from them allows the product to just melt into the skin and become undetectable. Coming from someone who has battled every skin-type under the sun over the years, I can imagine that it will suit all skin-types. Personally, as my skin is now dry and dehydrated, I don't need to powder over the top of it to make it last all day, but doing so would maximize the wear-time even further.

Becca's shade range is always impressively ample and the colour I purchased, Praline, is the palest out of the twelve on offer. Suitable for very fair complexions, this shade has a neutral undertone, but has a slight, peachy hint to it, which works well to counteract any blue tones under the eyes. Despite being the perfect match for my face a few weeks ago, the recent, scorching sunshine we've experienced has left it a little too light for me now, even to highlight with. All that I can do is head back to Space NK to buy another shade, so that I'm not left without!

becca ultimate coverage concealing creme praline review swatch

Becca's self-proclaimation of having the ultimate coverage may rub me up the wrong way, but I have to agree. Formula-wise, I cannot fault the concealer and the fact that I've used it every day since purchase, just indicates how much I rate it. By and large, I much prefer concealers to come in a squeezy tube, or with a doe-foot applicator and that is my only complaint with this, otherwise faultless, product. Tiny, glass pots with a screw-top lid are just such a pain, but this packaging does prevent you from piling on too much of the creme when you don't need it, which is a plus. £24 may seem like a lot to pay for a concealer, but for me, this product helps me to feel confident when wearing minimal makeup, which I can't put a price on.

What is your favourite high-coverage concealer for the warmer months?


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  1. I like to use the Benefit Fake Up for concealing in the summer as it feels light and hydrating, and I like to think the Vitamin E is making my spots heal faster!

    Dannie x

    1. I bought Fake Up when it first launched and I wasn't impressed by it! I'll see if I kept it and dig it out again to give it another go :) x

  2. Anonymous02 May, 2016

    Hi I'm nc40 and definitely having yellow undertones but I'm very confused , don't know which shade to buy in becca ultimate concealer. Plz help me as we don't have any becca store in London.

    1. If you're NC40 in MAC, then I'd suggest maybe Honeycomb or Toffee in the Becca concealer. Definitely try and swatch different shades though, if possible! Becca is stocked in Space NK and there's so many Space NK stores dotted around London, so I hope you manage to find one. Let me know if that helps! x


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