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Current Beauty Favourites #28

09:47Alice Grace

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It feels like I haven't put together an edit of my current beauty favourites in so long! With the weather finally brightening up, I've mixed up my makeup bag a fair bit in the past few weeks and I've loved it. There's a few new additions to my beauty stash in there, along with some products that I've recently rediscovered, after I had a bit of a beauty spring clean.

beauty favourites clarins multi blush 01 peach review

During summer, I'm all about a glossy, fresh makeup look. I prefer to use cream products over powders, as they just look so much more flattering and help to achieve that effortlessly perfected finish. The Clarins Multi-Blush in 01 Peach creates a beautiful luminous sheen on the cheeks and a gentle touch of colour. As the formula is a cream to powder, it lasts really well on the skin and doesn't leave you looking at all greasy or shiny. If you have oily skin, this will be the perfect cream blush option, if you find other formulas vanish after an hour. You do have to build the product up in layers to achieve a strong level of colour, but that means you can never go overboard and regret being too heavy-handed. The smooth, creamy blush is easy to blend and never leaves harsh streaks on the cheeks. I prefer to apply it with my fingers, as I find it's the best way to pick up the product and dab it on quickly.

beauty favourites l'oreal lip paint lacquer 101 gone with the nude review

Keeping with the peach theme, a warm nude lip is my daily go-to when I'm not in the mood for something bolder. One lip product that hasn't left my handbag since I bought it, is the L'Oreal Lip Paint Lacquer in 101 Gone With The Nude. Firstly, it smells amazing, which makes me want to reapply it every ten minutes. Secondly, the colour applies really evenly and is pretty opaque in one swipe. The formula isn't sticky whatsoever and feels really comfortable, instead of heavy and gloopy. Obviously, as it has a moisurising finish, the colour doesn't last as long as you'd expect from a matte liquid lipstick. But, the longevity is pretty good considering the high-shine finish, with the lacquer lasting around 3 hours before needing a touch-up. It doesn't start to cake or go patchy if you apply another layer, either. The doe-foot applicator is designed to hug the contours of the lips as you apply, but my lips are slightly too large so it doesn't quite fit like it's meant to. Regardless, it's quick to use and acts as a guide for precisely following the lip line.

beauty favourites clinique chubby stick shadow tints for eyes review

Cream eyeshadows are another must-have for me in the summer months. On beautiful mornings, when I just want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine as soon as possible, I don't want to spend hours creating a perfect smokey eye or cut crease with powders. Instead, I'll quickly smudge on a dab of cream eyeshadow with my finger and that's that. My favourite products to use for that slapdash approach are the Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tints For Eyes, as they're smooth and creamy, but aren't so wet that they slip and slide around and create a mess. As they're a little more firm than others, they also set in place in seconds and stay crease-free all day. I'm also obsessed with the range of shades Clinique offer, with 04 Ample Amber (a metallic, peachy copper) and 05 Whopping Willow (a muted olive shade full of golden shimmer) being my favourites. You can check out my swatches and read a detailed review of the Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tints, here.

beauty favourites clive christian london noble viii collection magnolia immortelle fragrances review

Whenever I'm looking for new fragrances to add to my collection, I always try to sample them first to see how they wear, before I take the plunge and invest in a full bottle. Recently, I received a sample of one of the Clive Christian London perfume sets - the Noble VIII Collection* - and fell in love. Consisting of Immortelle, a sexy, spicy masculine fragrance and Magnolia, a sweet floral feminine scent, this pair are a match made in heaven. My boyfriend has been wearing Immortelle for the past week and I've been using Magnolia and both are divine. In the winter months, I'd even be tempted to wear the masculine scent, as it's rich and woody but is definitely a fragrance a woman could pull off for a evening out. The fragrances are very premium at a whopping £350 each, but they'd make a perfect, special gift for someone you love. As one spritz envelops you in the intense fragrance for the entire day, a bottle will also last for a lot longer than your average scent, for sure.

beauty favourites oribe maximista thickening spray review

For me, summer hair is all about voluminous, beachy waves and plumped up ponytails. The kind of hair you get when you've been at the beach all day and the sand/salty sea has naturally given your barnet lots of texture and the humidity has really amped up the volume in your hair. On an everyday basis, when I don't have access to a private beach (goals), I turn to the Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray to give my locks a bit more oomph. Whilst I use it mainly for its incredible body-boosting properties, this spray is also a thermal-protectant for the hair. Volumising products that you use on dry hair after styling tend to make my freshly-washed hair feel weighed-down and dirty, so I much prefer using sprays like this one, that you apply before blow-drying. It doesn't leave behind any horrible residues or crunchy texture to the hair, it's just soft, bouncy and really glossy.

What are your current favourite beauty must-haves?


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  1. I love L'Oreals lip paints right now. I have 102 darling pink and it's gorgeous. I also love your theme here - kinda nude but with a bit of pink, simple yet effective :)

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

    1. They're lovely, aren't they? I definitely need to pick up a few more shades! x

  2. I'm going to have to try out that Clarins blush - I have a love affair with their makeup range (which I just discovered!) That L'Oreal lip paints look and sound pretty fun too!

    Stephanie |

    1. It's a lovely cream formula for the S/S seasons :) x


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