Dior Rouge Dior Sillage Lipstick Review + Swatch

10:06Alice Grace

dior rouge dior nude 553 sillage lipstick review

The new range of Rouge Dior Lipsticks are just so gorgeous that I have had to restrain myself a lot when perusing my local Dior counter. So as not to get carried away, I decided to purchase the one I liked most and then possibly pick up another (five?!), depending on just how much I loved it. That may have been a mistake.

dior rouge dior nude 553 sillage lipstick review

As I have another Rouge Dior lipstick, I was expecting great things from this range. Described as a highlighting blush for the lips, these lipsticks add radiance to the face. Rather than cover the lips too much, these new lipsticks are designed to add a sheer amount of colour, whilst the active ingredients nourish the lips. They enhance natural beauty, which echoes the recent Dior catwalk shows.

The shade that I picked up, Sillage, is an orange toned pink, almost coral. I would say that this shade sits on the edge of nude, as if applied heavily, you can achieve a much stronger look. Despite the lipsticks having such a high concentration of active moisturising ingredients, the pigmentation is not as sheer as I thought it would be. Not that I'm complaining! So soft and luminous, the finish of them is beautiful. They remain moisturising and glossy when worn and they last well on the lips, considering they're a sheer formula. All of the shades are very feminine and natural, nothing drastic. These shades will stay classic and aren't just trend inspired, so if you love any of them, you should definitely pick one up!

Dior Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush 553 Sillage Swatch

The only downside of this range, is the price, unsurprisingly. At £26.50 a pop, you may flinch at the thought of paying that for just one lipstick (cue my slightly queasy feeling). Saying that, I am tempted to pick up Twill and Esquisse. I mean, you can never have enough really great lipsticks, right?

Have you been tempted by anything from the new Dior collection?


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