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October's favourites were all about protection and perfection - exfoliating and balancing my skin, taking supplements to improve my sleep and strengthening my nails. Makeup wise, I've been loving a shimmering eye paired with a plum lip, in keeping with the Autumn/Winter trends. So, which products was I loving throughout October?

Clinique Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8 Hour Eye Colour in 08 Seventh Heather (7ml) - £17
clinique lid smoothie 08 seventh heather cream eyeshadow review purple shimmer
clinique lid smoothie 08 seventh heather cream eyeshadow review purple shimmer
clinique lid smoothie 08 seventh heather cream eyeshadow review swatch purple shimmer

Cream eyeshadows are an increasingly common sight within my makeup collection as of late. Quick to apply and blend, they're the perfect makeup product when you're in a rush. With twelve different shades in the Clinique Lid Smoothie line, ranging from subtler nudes to darker hues, there is bound to be a colour to suit everyone. Each shade has a pastel quality, keeping them natural looking on the eye. During the autumn/winter months, when a strong lip is very on trend, these softer cream shadows are the perfect accompaniment.

  Seventh Heather is a mid-tone brown with a slight purple hint that looks ever so slightly wet due to the slight metallic finish. Texture wise, the eyeshadow is silky and feels weightless on the eye, blending effortlessly. For a simple look, I wear this alone, or for more drama, I use this as a base and layer powder eyeshadows on top of it. To achieve a stronger colour, an eyeshadow primer underneath and building coats works a treat. The creamy formula is crease resistant and smoothes out the skin on the eyelid, meaning that it would be an ideal product to use on more mature skin. According to Clinique, this product lasts eight hours and I do agree, although the colour does start to fade as time goes on. I'm not sure whether the antioxidant element of the cream shadow, included to supposedly protect the eye area, is just a gimmick or not, but this didn't sway my purchase of the eyeshadow. If it actually does some good, then I'm not complaining!

The packaging of Clinique's Lid Smoothies is a bit strange, really. Whilst the metal tip of the tube has a lovely, cooling effect on the eye, it's a nightmare to use to actually apply the cream shadow. With it being impossible to see how much is coming out per squeeze, you end up with a mess on your eyelid, which is just far too difficult to blend evenly using the tip itself. Instead, I decant some of the product onto my hand and either use my fingertips or a brush to cover the lid and then blend. Approaching £20 each, the Lid Smoothies are priced very steeply, and I'm not sure that they are quite worth that as there are much cheaper alternatives available. I will definitely continue to use this one as I just adore the shade and shimmery effect, but I won't be stocking up on the entire range at £17 a pop any time soon!

Clarins Toning Lotion With Iris for Combination/Oily Skin (200ml) - £17.50
clarins toning lotion with iris review for combination oily skin

Clarins' Toning Lotion with Iris is my toner of choice in the morning, as I opt for an exfoliating toner in the evening. Alcohol free, the formula is so gentle and soothing, leaving my face feeling extra clean and refreshed without being stripped of moisture. Helping to combat oil, my skin has become a lot more balanced since using this and definitely doesn't get as greasy throughout the day as it used to. The formula does have a strong, sweet, floral fragrance to it, which may concern those with sensitive skin, but I haven't had any negative reactions to it myself.

Just like all Clarins products, the packaging is classic, simple and not overloaded with unnecessary information. The translucent bottle allows you to keep an eye on how much toner is left and restock when running low. I do think that £17.50 is quite a lot for this product, and I wouldn't want to pay any more than that, but I can't say goodbye to it as it has made such a difference to my skin. This is around my fourth bottle of the Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris, and it's safe to say I'll be sticking with it for the foreseeable future!

Origins Brighter By Nature Brightening Peel Pads (40 pads) - £30
Origins Brighter By Nature High Potency Brightening Peel Pads review exfoliating

Using fruit acids, Origin's Brighter By Nature Peel Pads give skin a thorough exfoliation. The texture of the pad is quite rough compared to other exfoliating pads I've tried and they can feel quite scratchy on the face if you apply too much pressure when sweeping them across the skin, but I just can't get enough of the results. After cleansing, on days when my skin is looking particularly dull and dry, I simply swipe one of these over my face. Gently sweeping in circular motions, any dead skin cells are sloughed away, immediately revealing a much brighter, smoother, radiant complexion. Following with a serum and moisturiser, I always notice that the products I apply afterwards are absorbed into the skin much more effectively. Of course, it's always advisable to wear SPF, come rain or shine, but it's particularly essential to apply sun protection after using these exfoliating pads as skin will be extra sensitive to sun. As these pads are quite strong and exceptionally effective, I wouldn't recommend using them more than twice a week, or you may be left looking red raw! Personally, I only reach for these pads when my skin really needs an overhaul or an extra boost before a special event, rather than as a regular part of my skincare routine.

As the pads are already soaked in the exfoliating solution, they are so easy to use and handy to travel with. Just be sure to tighten the lid properly when using them so that they don't dry out. Price wise, they are rather expensive, working out at 75p per pad! When using one pad twice a week, they will last for just over a month, which isn't long at all. Even though I love the results, I may try a cheaper option to see how they compare when I run out of these. I'll possibly pop them onto my Christmas list, though!

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure Nail Strengthener - £9.99
Sally Hansen Miracle Cure Nail Strengthener review

 For nail care, Sally Hansen is my go-to brand, and I have a range of different nail treatments and solutions from them. Recently, I've been wearing the Miracle Cure non-stop, either alone to really give my nails a break or underneath nail varnish as a protective base coat. My nails have become weaker and have been in need of some repair recently, and this product has really helped them to recover. The thick varnish is completely clear, simply giving the nails a glossy finish and immediately improving the look of them. Over a week, after applying one coat each day, there is a considerable improvement in the look and feel of my talons. Stronger, smoother and hydrated, they no longer look dry and brittle, bend as easily or split and break off, which is exactly what I was hoping for! Just make sure that each coat of varnish applied isn't too thick or, after a few coats, the varnish will peel off from the nail, which is a total waste. As this is a nail care product, rather than just a basic nail polish, I'm happy to pay £9.99 for it.

My Vitamins Complete Sleep (60 capsules) - £4.49
My Vitamins Complete Sleep Capsules review
My Vitamins Complete Sleep Capsules review ingredients

After receiving these supplements as a free sample when I placed a LookFantastic order, I was somewhat sceptical. When it comes to sleep, I don't usually have any problems, so I don't like to take anything to aid my slumber as I feel it's unnecessary. However, I thought I'd give these a try and see if they made any difference.

   The instructions recommend taking two to four capsules around 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep. As I hadn't used them before, I began by taking two, just in case they didn't agree with me. That night, I do feel I slept a lot better, not waking up at all during the night (not that I can remember, anyway). In the morning, I felt significantly more awake instead of slightly drowsy, as per usual. Continuing to take them, but increasing my intake to three capsules a night, my experience has been consistent with that of my first experience.

When I looked up the usual price of these supplements, £4.49 for sixty capsules, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, expecting them to be priced further towards the £15 mark. Do I feel they're really worth paying for in my situation? No. I always try to keep my medicine and supplement intake to a minimum (other than cod liver oil!), and I'm happy with the quality of sleep I get without taking them. If you have real trouble with getting your forty winks, though, these may be a great supplement to try.

Maybelline Super Stay 10H Tint Gloss in 'Timeless Plum' (10.5ml) - £6.99
Maybelline Super Stay 10hr Tint Gloss Timeless Plum Review Swatch
Maybelline Super Stay 10hr Tint Gloss Timeless Plum Review Swatch

When it comes to lip tints, I'm usually not a fan, as they always seem to leave my lips feeling dry. So, when I clapped eyes on Maybelline's Super Stay 10 hour Tint Gloss, I was more than happy to give it a go. Combining a long lasting tint and non-sticky gloss, this hybrid leaves the lips with a beautiful colour that is totally customisable (sheer with one layer or deeper when layered) and a hydrated, plumped finish. The fruity scent of this product is amazing, too!

Although Maybelline claim that their Tint Glosses last for ten hours, I don't think the formula has quite matched that for me without reapplication. However, when the glossiness has worn off, the tint remains, and it is always a pleasure to apply another coat. I chose the shade Timeless Plum as it is a perfect Autumn/Winter shade, and I just love it! A very deep purple/burgundy colour, it won't be to everyone's taste, but you can apply less to stop it from being too intense if you shy away from striking lip colours.
The teardrop-shaped sponge applicator is the perfect wand picks up enough of the glossy tint to cover the lips without getting messy and ensures an even finish.

Five colours are available in the range, comprising of mostly pink and red shades, and I am definitely going to pick up some more after sampling Timeless Plum. At £6.99 each, these lip tints are very reasonably priced and are the perfect drugstore alternative to higher end versions, such as Yves Saint Laurent's Glossy Stains, which retail at a whopping £22.50!

What new beauty discoveries did you make during October?


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