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12:15Alice Grace

moroccanoil hair treatment serum oil review original

Hair serums and oils are a haircare staple for me. Whether I'm using them on wet hair, before blowdrying or as finishing products when my hair is dry, I cannot be without them. Years of heat styling, colouring and general wear and tear have taken its toll on my barnet, leaving it in need of a daily dose of hydration. My top choice is the cult-favourite MoroccanOil Treatment, which is hailed as the best, hair treatment out there by many beauty buffs, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on it.

Moroccan Oil is available in two types; a light version for finer hair and the original formula for normal to drier hair-types. Although I would describe my strands as fine, I do have quite a lot of long, damaged hair and it can't get enough of moisturising products as it's so porous. Personally, I'd much prefer to use less of the regular formula, rather than more of the lighter version, so it doesn't run out as quickly. The pump dispenses just the right amount of serum and you soon work out how much you need for your hair type. Specially designed, the bottle is made from glass that prevents UV rays from breaking down the oil inside, so it won't go off if you keep it out on display. Genius, yes, but that does make it heavy to pop in to your bag or travel with.

The serum itself has quite a thick consistency, so it's not messy to use and, unlike some similar serums I've sampled, it doesn't feel too greasy or sticky. Having a yellow tinge to it, I know a few people with very fair hair have expressed concerns with it tinting or staining their hair, but thanks to mine being so dark already, I don't have to worry about that. With any hair product, you want it to smell amazing and there's no disappointment with MoroccanOil. The warm and musky scent of the oil is so gorgeous and lingers in the hair all day, which is a bonus.

moroccanoil hair treatment serum oil review original

Immediately after running a couple of pumps through the lengths and ends of my hair, it instantly feels smoother, looks shinier and has fewer frizzy fly-aways. My hair looks and feels significantly softer, conditioned and much more healthy. Be careful not to use too much, though, as it can weigh hair down and leave it looking lank if you go overboard or put any too close to the roots. I always start with two pumps on wet hair and then add more if I feel my hair needs it and I never apply more than one pump when my hair is dry.

Now, to tackle the controversial, silicone debate; to use, or not to use? Silicones appear very high on MoroccanOil's ingredients list, with Argan oil included significantly later on. Because of this, many people consider this treatment to be too expensive for what it is and pointless to use, as it doesn't actually do anything. Research actually shows that silicones don't do the hair any good when used long-term, but appear to do so initially by coating and smoothing down the hair shaft, leaving it artificially shiny and soft until you wash them out. Now, I know a lot of people strive to cut them out of their routines entirely, which is fair enough. For me, though, my barnet laps them up and I really don't notice much of a difference when I use them or I don't. A while back, I did try to overhaul my whole regime and use only Phyto products, but whilst the results were nice, my hair didn't feel in any better condition for doing so and the extra cost wasn't worth the switch. So, until I find anything better, MoroccanOil will continue to make an appearance in my beauty drawers as it works a treat.

Whilst this treatment serum may seem expensive at first, after handing over £31.85 for 125ml, you soon realise how economical it is. I'd say that one bottle lasts me for around five months when using a pump or two every day, but of course that will vary, depending on how much you use and how often. There is a smaller size available at £13.45 for 25ml, but that isn't the best value, considering the larger size holds five times more oil and costs only £18 more.

What are your thoughts on Moroccan Oil? Is this a cult favourite for you, or is there another that floats your boat?


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