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Nails Inc. St James Nail Polish Review + Swatch

17:11Alice Grace

nails inc st james nail polish review

I very rarely wear red nail polish during the Spring and Summer months, as I favour more bright or pastel shades. Since the weather took (yet another) turn for the worse, during the past week, I thought I'd sport a classic, red nail for one last time, before they're given a rest and stashed at the back of my collection. This time round, I went for Nails Inc. St James.

nails inc st james nail polish review swatch

This red is a true, pillar-box red, which is one of my favourites and suits every skin tone, from the palest alabaster to deep ebony. Warm undertones make it very wearable, but it doesn't lean too orange. It contains a very subtle shimmer, that is barely noticeable and if you don't look closely enough, you could miss it completely. In direct light, the hint of shimmer is more obvious and gives nails more of a sheen, when finished. My swatch doesn't do justice to the brightness of the shade, but it really is strong. Whenever I wear this, I instantly feel more glamourous and a few compliments usually come my way.

Nails Inc. polishes are usually well pigmented and this is no different. In order to get a fully opaque finish, you could get away with two coats if you're a nail pro, but I personally needed three. Smooth, the formula is lovely and goes on quite evenly. As I wear false nails, chipping is less of a problem for me, but I didn't experience any whatsoever, with this shade.

Which is your favourite red nail polish?


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  1. Oh wow... what a beauty! Perfect Summer polish xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. I'm in love with red nail varnishes ! Just Followed you :) x


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