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Tom Ford 01 In The Buff Lip Color Sheer Lipstick Review + Swatch

18:20Alice Grace

tom ford color sheer lip colour lipstick review swatch 01 in the buff

Tom Ford makeup products are the one. Beautiful in every way, they exude luxury and, as to be expected, the price tag reflects that. Gulp. Released in Spring 2014, the Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer Lipsticks are still available, but I doubt they'll be around for much longer. As soon as the words limited-edition are heard, my lust for any lipstick turns up a notch. Considering the eye-watering expense, the sensible part of my brain likes to kick in, making sure I choose a shade that I know I'll wear when handing over so much money. This time, I opted for 01 In The Buff.

Tom Ford brought out their Lip Colour Shine formula over a year ago and, in a bid to try and edit down my makeup collection at the time, I refused to cave. More recently, for the Summer 2014 collection, the brand launched their Lip Shimmers, but I found them to be far too intense and sparkly for my liking. Those formulas may not have graced my face, but I certainly swatched up a storm at the counter. From what I can tell, concentrating on just the Lip Shines and Lip Sheers, I'd say the main difference between them is the finish. The Lip Shines have a glassy, wet-look finish to them, whilst the Lip Sheers remain more natural looking. Whilst the four, nude shades of the eight Lip Sheers on offer, reflect their name, the rest don't quite match up. Verging on opaque, the four, more vivid shades, leave me confused as to why they're included in the range, but hey, we're here to talk about In The Buff.

tom ford color sheer lipstick review swatch 01 in the buff

Designed to compliment and enhance sun kissed skin, these lipsticks are the perfect excuse to splurge. Made up from a mix of shea butter and a variety of vitamins, the consistency is creamy and nourishing. Sitting somewhere between a balm and a satin finish, this product is moisturising, without being too wet or waxy. As the coverage is sheer, the longevity isn't all that great, with wear time lasting just a couple of hours. Although this shade is jam-packed with shimmer, it only affects the texture and becomes apparent once the lipstick starts to wear off and become dry. The shimmer is left behind on the lips after the colour has faded, which could be a positive or a negative, depending on your taste. A faint hint of vanilla fragrance is apparent, but it's nowhere near as strong or sickly as with MAC lipsticks. 

In The Buff is a glimmering, light, peachy nude, saturated with flecks of pale gold. The shimmer is so fine that it creates an almost pearlescent finish that is flattering and not frosty. With the formula being semi-translucent, this shade will look different on everyone, as natural lip colour alters the tone. Delivering a delicate veil of warmth, the colour translates as a medium, brown-toned nude on me, which is my go-to lip look on a casual, everyday basis. Ideal for Summer, this lipstick adds a subtle sheen that rounds off a polished, but understated appearance. As tends to be the case with sheer finishes, the lipstick looks considerably darker in the bullet, than when worn, so you may want to swatch the shades yourself before purchasing, if you're unsure.

tom ford color sheer lipstick review swatch 01 in the buff
tom ford color sheer lipstick review swatch 01 in the buff

Bringing back the crisp, white packaging, the casing of this TF lipstick lineup gives a nod to the original lip colour collection. The gold edges and embossing add to the opulence, making it a statement on any dressing table. Not that looks are most important, of course. I'm sure it comes as no surprise that the price tag could induce a heart-attack. Handing over £36 for a lipstick is absolutely bonkers and is certainly not a habit of mine, but once in a blue moon sits well with me. 

What do you think of the new Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer lipsticks?


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