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Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Blushers Review + Swatches

13:45Alice Grace

soap and glory sexy mother blusher cream blush sticks review

The latest release from Soap & Glory, the Sexy Mother Blusher Blush Sticks hit the shelves just in time for Summer. Nice move, S&G. I've loved pretty much every makeup product I've tried from the brand and these cream blushes are no different.

soap and glory sexy mother blusher cream blush sticks review

Having my reservations about how these blushes would perform when I purchased them, I've been pleasantly surprised with the formula. Pigmentation is strong, but not overpowering once blended out. As they have a creamy consistency, the colour can be sheered out easily if you're a tad heavy-handed, but it can also be layered up, without caking. On touching the skin, the rounded nib of the crayon-esque stick melts and leaves a glossy trail behind, that's crying out for a buffing to avoid those clown circles. Unlike many cream formulas that transform to a powder once dry, these remain looking neither matte, nor dewy, but set to somewhere in between. The finish isn't too dissimilar from what you get with a liquid stain, actually.

soap and glory sexy mother blusher cream blush sticks review

I find the best way to apply these blushes, is to either dot the stick directly onto the cheek and then feather it out with your finger. Or alternatively, use a stippling brush to pick up the colour straight from the tip and dab it on where you want it, before blending. If you're shy when it comes to blush and aren't confident with application, I'd suggest trying a different, more neutral cream blush first, before trying these, as they can take a bit of getting used to. Adding little by little is definitely the way to go. After trying these blush sticks out for a few weeks, I do think that they sit on the skin better when I've skipped powder, as they sort of split and go slightly patchy when I've added a sprinkling. So, if you're a poudre addict, then avoid your cheeks for the best finish, or, if you can't prize yourself away from a dusting, then you may need to give these blush sticks a miss.

There's a total of three shades in the range, Onamatapeacha, Pinker Belle and Berry Jamm. Onamatopeacha is a coral, orange shade that's infused with golden shimmer. Compliments a tan beautifully, adds a peachy flush and the reflective particles mean you can skip a highlighter and still achieve a radiance. Pinker Belle is a warm, pinky-red shade that has to be my favourite. The slight red tone gives a really natural looking colour to the cheeks. Think going outside on a Winter's morning kind of tint, without any ruddiness. Berry Jamm is a vivid, blue-toned fuchsia. Being the most intense of the trio, this shade can leave behind a slight, magenta tinge on the cheeks, so beware!

soap and glory onamatopeacha pinker belle berry jamm sexy mother blusher cream blush sticks swatches
soap and glory onamatopeacha sexy mother blusher cream blush sticks blended out swatch
soap and glory pinker belle sexy mother blusher cream blush sticks blended out swatch
soap and glory berry jamm sexy mother blusher cream blush sticks blended out swatch

To be honest, I think the fat, twist-up packaging is actually useful rather than just a gimmick, enabling a speedy application once you get used to them. The blushes are compact and as there's no need to stick your grubby fingers into the product, there's less mess and better hygiene. Simple and stylish, the tubes are sophisticated looking and the coloured lids are helpful when rummaging to find a particular shade. At £9 each, these creamy colours are pricier than alternative drugstore options, but the quality is miles ahead of some others I've tried.

Have you tried the Sexy Mother Blusher Blush Sticks? 


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