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Best + Worst: Full Coverage Concealers

14:19Alice Grace

best worst full coverage concealers comparison review affordable dupes

In my makeup routine, coverage tends to get ramped up in Autumn/Winter. But, when my skin is dried out from the bitter weather, I don't want to cover my whole face in layers of heavy foundation. It only ends up making me look about twenty years older than I am, by clinging to any rough areas and exaggerating an uneven texture. Instead, I like to use moisturising bases and choose thicker, full-coverage concealers to do the hard work, hiding any bits that need some extra help. There's a lot of options out there and I've been putting a selection to the test over the past couple of weeks. Bear in mind that I have dehydrated skin that can get quite dry, so if your skin-type is normal or oily, the products will probably perform very differently. But, I have mentioned which skin-types I feel each concealer will work best with and why. So, which do I rate and which do I slate?

make up for ever mufe full cover extreme camouflage cream concealer review
make up for ever mufe full cover extreme camouflage cream concealer shade 4 swatch review
make up for ever mufe full cover extreme camouflage cream concealer shade 4 swatch review

A little bit harder to get your hands on in the UK, the Makeup For Ever Full Cover Concealer is a concealer you'd automatically think would fit the bill of full coverage thanks to the name. I was expecting this to be all kinds of awesome after reading so many rave reviews and picked my tube up on a trip to NY. Weirdly, this doesn't provide as much coverage as I was expecting and it takes a few layers to completely mask some stubborn blemishes. On general redness and hyper-pigmentation, though, it performs like any standard, high-coverage creation. Is it anything special? No. One of the biggest concerns of mine with full-coverage products, is that they can suffocate the skin and cause breakouts, but this has a non-comedogenic formula, which shouldn't block pores. Scrap using a brush with this one, I feel it's much more effective and long-wearing when I use my fingers to pat it on.

Being waterproof, it feels almost gel-like in consistency. I haven't tested this concealer under watery conditions, but it's held out well when things have got a bit sweaty in any heat. You have to work fast with it, as it sets quickly and you can feel it becoming difficult to blend. Once dry, it becomes quite powdery looking on my skin, but it lasts all day. Unlike most concealers which tend to have a doe-foot applicator, this one comes in a tube, making it more hygienic. Plus, you can use up every, little scrap of product in there. Fragrance-free, this shouldn't pose a problem for sensitive skin, but I'd always recommend testing it out first, if your skin is easily irritated. With a total of twelve shades in the range, MUFE have got a colour for everyone. It is quite a pricey purchase, but the tube holds significantly more product in it than other concealers on the market 

BEST FOR: Normal/oily skin-types.
POSITIVES: Waterproof, fragrance free & non-comedogenic, hygienic tube.
NEGATIVES: Disappointing coverage, needs to be layered.
PRICE: $32 for 15ml
RATING: 6/10

estee lauder double wear stay in place flawless wear concealer review swatch
estee lauder double wear stay in place flawless wear concealer warm light swatch review
estee lauder double wear stay in place flawless wear concealer warm light swatch review

For years, this concealer was my all-time favourite. Compared to the other products featured in this line-up, Estee Lauder's Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer has the wettest texture and feels light on the skin. Very moisturising, this isn't a product that you'd think was part of the Estee Lauder Double Wear range. Spreading easily, this concealer blends so well and allows you plenty of time to build the coverage, without it becoming cakey. It can be used all over the face, but I prefer to use it for covering imperfections, rather than under the eyes, as it can crease and exaggerate lines. It does feel slightly tacky when first applied, but it soon settles and provides a natural-looking, satin finish. By the end of the day, this can start to show signs of minimal wear, but if I blot with powder halfway through the day, it stays looking flawless.

Having an SPF of 10, it gives you some added protection, without affecting how you look in flash photographs. Unfortunately, this has the same, strong smell of paint as the original Double Wear foundation, which is off-putting, but bearable. It doesn't last for long, thank goodness! Having a doe-foot applicator, you can dot the product on in precise areas if you wish, but it's not as hygienic as the MUFE packaging. It's impossible to reach the last bit at the bottom of the tube, to, which is a waste. Estee Lauder have eight shades of this concealer, which cover most skin-tones and the colours are more neutral, instead of extremely pink or yellow. Usuually, I consider the brand's price points to be more-or-less on target, but I do think that this concealer is rather expensive. Although, saying that, one tube of this has lasted for about six months when I've used it every day, before now! 

BEST FOR: All skin-types, except very oily.
POSITIVES: Moisturising, feels light on the skin, doesn't cake, natural finish.
NEGATIVES: Smells like paint, can crease under the eyes, expensive.
PRICE: £21.50 for 7ml
SWATCH SHOWN: Shade Warm Light
RATING: 8.5/10

benefit boi-ing industrial strength concealer review swatch
benefit boi-ing industrial strength concealer shade 02 swatch review
benefit boi-ing industrial strength concealer shade 02 swatch review

Benefit's Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer is described as 'industrial strength' and I can agree with that in more ways that one. For me, this is an under-eye only option. Working like a charm, those bags are gone in seconds. As my shade (shade 2) is quite a peachy pink colour, the concealer counteracts any blue shadows, making you look as though you've just had eight hours of sleep. But, unfortunately, that's where the positives end. Despite feeling nice and creamy in the pot, the formula becomes similar to concrete as you attempt to blend it in. Definitely industrial. Whilst I think the camouflaging effect is bloomin' marvelous, the texture is just so dry and hard to work with. Difficult to blend, this one needs to be patted in, so it melts slightly with the natural warmth from your finger, to get the best finish. If your skin is dry, this will cling to any lumps and bumps, exaggerating blemishes if they're starting to heal. I'd imagine that this could be amazing on oily skins, as it's totally matte.

Another downfall of this concealer is the poor packaging. Having a separate, twist-off lid is a faff and can get messy, especially when your fingers are covered in concealer. Dipping your fingers into the pot during use isn't very hygienic either, particularly if you're using it to cover spots. According to Benefit, they'll soon be extending their Boi-ingng shade range, upping their collection from three, to five colour variants. Considering you only get, a frankly shocking, 3g of concealer per pot, this is ridiculously priced at £17.50. To be honest, unless you have oily skin and can find a shade to actually match you, I'd look elsewhere.

BEST FOR: Oily skin-types, free from any dryness.
POSITIVES: High coverage, peach tone corrects blue shadows under eyes.
NEGATIVES: Dry formula, poor packaging, extortionate pricing.
PRICE: £17.50 for 3g
RATING: 4.5/10

collection lasting perfection concealer review swatch
collection lasting perfection concealer 02 light swatch review
collection lasting perfection concealer 02 light swatch review

Probably one of the most hyped-up, drugstore products of all time, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is loved by many. The incredible coverage can tackle everything, from under-eye circles, to angry spots. Thick and heavy, this can get cakey on dehydrated and dry skin-types, but it glides on and blends well if skin is free from any flakey patches. If you have oily skin, this will be a total winner for you. Drying to a matte finish, this concealer is best used sparingly, otherwise things can end up looking a bit flat. Once set on the skin, this goes the distance and doesn't disappear by the end of the day. Collection claim that this has 16-hour wear, which I can well believe, but personally, I wouldn't leave my makeup on for that long to test that theory out.

I do find that the shades oxidize and become considerably darker when set and the lighter options lean very pink-toned. Containing no SPF, you can't rely on this product to protect you from the sun. However, that means you won't need to worry about photograph flashback when wearing it, so it's a great, cheap option for special occasions. Priced at just £4.19, this is an absolute bargain, especially as there's usually an offer in Boots or Superdrug, too. Unfortunately, Collection's shade range is poor and, similar to many drugstore brands, they don’t cater for darker skin-tones. 

BEST FOR: Normal/oily skin-types.
POSITIVES: Insane amount of coverage, totally matte finish, great longevity, cheap.
NEGATIVES: Cakey and heavy, shades set darker, poor shade range.
PRICE: £4.19 (doesn't state how much you get per tube)
SWATCH SHOWN: Shade 02 Light
RATING: 7/10

nars radiant creamy concealer review swatch
nars radiant creamy concealer vanilla swatch review
nars radiant creamy concealer vanilla swatch review

 Until this concealer was released, I thought I'd found my holy-grail, in the form of Estee Lauder's Double Wear (mentioned above). But, one of my all time favourite brands have just cracked it with the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. This formula is so darn good, that it can turn any beauty newbie into a makeup maestro. A good all-rounder, it makes light work of blemish burying, adds a highlighting effect and effortlessly hides any under-eye shadows. As the name suggests, the consistency is creamy, but isn't too thick and refuses to look heavy, no matter how much you pile on. Non drying, the formula is so flattering, keeping skin looking like skin, just an improved version of it. Without any noticeable shimmer added in, this product delivers a healthy glow and radiance to the skin.

Once set, the finish is like satin, with a beautiful sheen. If you don't powder over the top, skin is left dewy-looking, but not offensively shiny or oily. With a light dusting, the edge is taken off, without ridding the skin of all that lustre. Don't be fooled, though, just because it doesn't set as hard as a rock, doesn't mean it won't last. The longevity is amazing and I can rely on this concealer to stay looking flawless for the whole day, without the need to even glance in the mirror. As always with Nars base products, there's a good shade range, although the lighter options tend to be harder to find, as they sell-out regularly. 

BEST FOR: All skin-types, possibly except for very oily.
POSITIVES: Creamy, non-drying/cakey, radiant effect, perfect for both blemishes/discolouration and under-eye circles.
NEGATIVES: Expensive.
PRICE: £22.00 for 6ml
SWATCH SHOWN: Shade Vanilla
RATING: 10/10

What's your holy-grail, all-time favourite full coverage concealer?


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  1. Great post! Not many bloggers write about concealers in as much detail as you did! 😍
    I really want to try the Nars one but I just find it painful spending that amount of money on concealer! 😭 I normally use the collection one or the Revlon Colorstay and they seem to do the job for now...
    Montse ¦ BEAUTEUR

    1. It is annoying that the Nars concealer is so pricey, but nothing I've tried has beaten it so I cave every time I run out! I need to give the Revlon Colorstay a go :) x


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