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Sarah Chapman Skinesis Rapid Radiance Cleanse Review

19:51Alice Grace

sarah chapman rapid radiance cleanse cleanser review

You may notice a pattern with my skincare choices; Sarah Chapman products feature a lot in my routine. Her Skinesis range is one that I have learnt to trust and rely on to keep my skin happy. So, as soon as another, new launch hits the shelves, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be on it in a flash, with the hope that it will bowl me over just as much as her other creations have. So, what did I make of her most recent release, the Sarah Chapman Rapid Radiance Cleanse?

It seems as though a lot of brands are jumping on the quick-fix bandwagon, at the moment. Everything has to fit in with the super-charged, fast-paced lives that we all seem to be caught up in nowadays. I actually prefer to take my time with skincare and look forward to my daily routine. But, if I know a product can do a spiffing job in a matter of minutes, shaving off precious time from my morning routine, then I'm not going to ignore it.

Unlike the brand's Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanse, which has a balm formula, this cleanser is more of an energising, cream wash. Aimed at refining pores and brightening the complexion, it reminds me so much of the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip, which I also love, but not as much as this new kid on the block. An ingredients list full of lactic acid, salicylic acid and kaolin is music to any skincare lover's ears. Clays, enzymes and vitamins help to absorb any impurities, draw out toxins and eat up any dead cells, revealing a clearer, fresher face. If that wasn't enough, this cleanser doubles up as a fast-acting, brightening mask, killing two birds with one stone to get the most out of your time.

sarah chapman rapid radiance cleanse cleanser review

With a light, creamy texture, it's a refreshing option that I personally prefer to use in the morning, as I like to use something more nourishing at night. There's a strong, herbal fragrance to the cream and you can definitely notice that typical, clay scent. Whilst it's not offensive, I'm glad it's a speedy application process, put it that way. I simply massage two pumps of the product onto my dry face and then leave it to get to work for a few minutes, whilst I make myself a much-needed coffee. When I'm ready, I follow my usual pattern of removing all cleansers and buff any residue off with a hand-hot flannel. It doesn't leave my skin feeling as soft and hydrated as my much-loved, balm formulas, but it doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped of any moisture, either. As my skin is dry, I've been using this cleanser about three times a week maximum, but if your skin is normal or oily, then you may find it suitable for daily use.

When it comes to the majority of cleansers, they can make your face feel better immediately, but the visible, noticeable results tend to appear over time. It's usually masks and treatments which instantly change the look of the skin and maybe that's why the results are so impressive with this product, as it's a cleanser and mask in one. Literally, all of the rubbish and gunk is pulled out of my skin, even in areas that stubborn blackheads tend to congregate, like my nose. My pores seem to vanish completely, leaving the skin looking totally even and smooth. No redness, no irritation, no disappointment. After using it for about three weeks now, I'm still not bored of it and continue to see improved results. Each time I apply it, I'm left baffled at how it can leave my skin looking so good, especially in such a short space of time. My skin is definitely the best it's ever been at the moment and slotting this cleanser into my routine has definitely made a difference!

Let's face it, Sarah Chapman's skincare line is expensive, but at £29 for 100ml, the Rapid Radiance Cleanse is actually one of her cheaper products. As it's a two-in-one product and I'm so impressed with how it performs, I'd be happy to repurchase this cleanser over and over. Like with any skincare item, I'd always suggest testing the product out before purchase, if possible, as what works for my skin may not be right for yours. The only problem I've ever encountered with the Skinesis line was the packaging. But, after a recent revamp, the bottles don't feel as cheap as they once did and look a lot more sleek. Full marks, once again, to Sarah Chapman!

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  1. Haven't tried this before, but it looks great

    Made in Mauve

    1. It's a fairly recent release, but it's definitely worth checking out :) x

  2. This sounds so good <3 I really want to try her Overnight Facial but I just can't bear to spend that much on something that may break me out :(

    Dannie x

    1. I always get nervous when trying skincare too, especially when it's pricey. You could always try and get a sample whenever you're near a SpaceNK? x


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