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& Other Stories Total Tints Review + Swatches

14:11Alice Grace

& other stories total tint sticks shimmy bronze tinsel plum review

 With Spring and Summer in mind, I picked up these & Other Stories Total Tint Sticks after spotting them in & Other Stories. Yes, as soon as miserable January hits us, all I'm thinking of is the warmer months! These versatile, multi-use, creamy sticks of colour can be used on the eyes, cheeks, lips and the whole body. They're perfect for a quick slick of colour on rushed mornings, or to add a highlight to the face or body.

& other stories total tint sticks shimmy bronze tinsel plum review swatches

Non-greasy, the gel-cream consistency isn't at all heavy or sticky. Whilst the formula doesn't dry down to a powder completely and stays slightly dewy, there's no wet-feeling to them, so they would make a great choice for those who are nervous about trying cream, makeup products. It's a fine, frosted shimmer that gives these sticks their strong sheen, rather than a chunky glitter or sparkle. Unless you're up-close to someone in harsh lighting, then the shimmer isn't glaringly obvious or unflattering, but instead gives a luminous, glowing finish. When applied straight from the stick, the colour is intensely pigmented and opaque. But, using either a brush or fingers, it can be sheered out easily and any harsh edges can be blended without any trouble. To avoid having to correct a severe stripe of colour, I prefer picking up the product on a stippling brush and dabbing it onto my cheeks.

How these tints wear is average, with the colour fading after around five hours, on my skin. To improve the longevity, the tint needs to be applied in layers, but if you don't have time to build it up in the morning, then the sticks are small enough to pop into your bag to touch up with later. Also, I find that when wear a foundation with a higher coverage or more of a matte finish, rather than a lighter BB cream or tinted moisturiser, then the colour has more to stick to, which extends the lasting-power further. When using them as an eyeshadow, I have to run some concealer or primer across my lids first, as the tints can crease when used alone, even though my eyelids aren't particularly oily to begin with. Or, I'll use them as a creamy base to apply powder shadows on top of, to enhance their pigments.

& other stories total tint sticks shimmy bronze review swatch
& other stories total tint sticks tinsel plum review swatch

There's a total of eight shades in the range, all of which are very different and have varying levels of shimmer. I went for a standard, golden tone which is a colour that I'm always drawn to and a darker, plum shade that I know would go well with my brown eyes, as well as being perfect for the cooler months.

Tinsel Plum, which seems a strange choice of a name, is a golden plum shade that I'd use as a cream eyeshadow or blush. Once blended out, the purple tones aren't as apparent and the colour softens into more of a red-bronze haze. Although we may be heading towards S/S and this hue is definitely more fitting for A/W, I'll be getting as much use out of it as possible over the next couple of months.

Shimmy Bronze, is more of a copper shade when packed on, but it blends into a subtle, golden wash of colour. Compared to Tinsel Plum, this contains a lot more shimmer, making it an ideal, going-out highlight. Although the orange-tones are mellowed as it's blended, it still may be too warm for very pale skins. I'm a fan of golden tones all year round, but I see myself using it mostly on my eyes or on my cheekbones when I'm more tanned.

& other stories total tint sticks shimmy bronze tinsel plum swatches

Overall, I'd say the Total Tints are quite impressive. At £10 each for 8.5g of product, these sticks make a great, high-street alternative to the cult-favourite, Nars Multiples, which are £30 for 14g. They still may be rather expensive for their size, but the formula is pigmented and build-able and, as they're so versatile, you can get good use out of them. Although, if you have very oily skin, the longevity may be an issue for you. Packaging wise, the twist-up sticks are handy and they'll easily fit into a makeup bag, but they do feel quite cheap and the actual bullet of colour has fallen out of one of my sticks, already.

Have you tried the & Other Stories Total Tints?


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  1. Wow these look really interesting, I love the shade Tinsel Plum :) I love multi use products like this, I used to have one from Topshop that was very similar :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  2. Oooh, nice colours :) I think I'm a little too shy to be able to wear these, even on my eyes! I can imagine the darker shade being nice to wear in an eye look though :)

    Dannie x

    1. You should definitely try colours like this, they'd look gorgeous on you! It's always good to step out of your comfort zone :) x

  3. Wow Ive never heard of this brand before they sound really good. I like the tinsel plum one!
    nikki x lipstickdrawer.blogspot.co.uk

    1. They're a clothing brand more than anything, but they've got a range of cosmetics, too :) x

  4. These look gorgeous! I've never bought anything from & Other Stories before but I'm really tempted to try these. Tinsel plum looks really, really pretty xo

    1. I've been using it on my eyes, for a quick slick of colour and I'm obsessed! x


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