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Top 5 Best Nude Lipliners + Swatches

16:01Alice Grace

top 5 nude lip liners kylie jenner inspired MAC Laura Mercier Max Factor Rimmel Barbara Daly

Booming in popularity thanks to the likes of Kylie Jenner, nude lipliner is no longer thought of as a trashy, 90's trend nightmare. Gone are the days of an obviously overdrawn, thick line that's about ten shades too dark, as we all strive for a more natural-looking, perfected pout. Used to subtly enhance the shape, or to miraculously plump up a lacking lip by few, extra inches in the case of KJ *wink wink*, liner is a product that is now considered a must-have staple in any beauty-lover's makeup bag.

mac subculture lip pencil review swatch top 5 nude lipliners

When it comes to nudes, my favourite tones to wear are beiges and browns, as I feel they suit my complexion the most. But, I do like to sport pinker shades occasionally. MAC Subculture Lip Pencil is a gorgeous, subtle, peachy-pink, that is only just darker than my natural, lip colour. It does contain some, silver shimmer, but it's virtually undetectable on the skin. Perfect for daytime wear, it gently evens out the edge of the lip and adds definition, without looking at all drastic.  If you have very pale skin, then this could be the ideal shade for you. The formula isn't so dry that it's a struggle to scribble on, but it's not so creamy that it becomes messy or smudges, giving it a longer wear-time. Although, if you apply it straight onto the lips, the pencil can feel a little scratchy, so I like to warm it up a bit on the back of my hand, first. Let's face it, MAC are geniuses when it comes to makeup and I think £12.50 for this pencil is justified, considering the high quality.

bd trade secrets lip liner sugar & spice review swatch

Next up, we have the BD Trade Secrets Lip Liner in Sugar & Spice, which is available from Tesco. A dusky rosy-brown, this is the deepest shade of my top five, but it has the slightest sprinkle of shimmer in it, which prevents the colour from looking too flat. With a soft, waxy, creamy consistency, it feels very comfortable on the lips and I can happily wear it alone, all over the lip, or as a base underneath another product. To avoid the colour becoming too strong, you have to use this pencil with a light-hand, otherwise you'll have a hard time trying to correct it. Despite the texture being so soft, as soon as the liner is applied, it does not smudge or transfer. You can literally rub at your lips and it will not move! At just £2.99, this liner is an absolute bargain and I'd honestly be happy to pay more for it.

laura mercier natural lips lip pencil review swatch top 5 best nude lipliners

The Laura Mercier Natural Lips Lip Pencil has been a firm favourite of mine for years. More a of a neutral beige, it has a slight ashen-tone to it and is free from shimmer, which recreates the look of a natural shadow. Suiting practically all skin-tones, it really helps to cheat a plumper pout. Texture wise, this pencil is a lot firmer and feels quite dry, so it doesn't draw on as easily as the others. It can drag the delicate skin, if you don't prep with a lip balm before application, but that does mean that it's difficult to go overboard with it. I only ever contour and trace the lip-line with this pencil, as it does sap the lips of any moisture when used by itself, all over. That does prevent it from fading too quickly, though and I very rarely have to sharpen the pencil. £17.50 may be a lot to pay for a lipliner, but if you wear it often and spend a lot of time perfecting your pucker, then it's really worth the investment!

rimmel tiramisu lasting finish 1000 kisses lip pencil review swatch top 5 best nude lipliners

Rimmel's Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Contouring Pencil in Tiramisu is another brown-toned nude, but with a pink tinge to it. Again, there's a helping of silver shimmer in this one too, but it's more noticeable than in the others and further increases that plumping effect. Rather than being too chalky, or too waxy, it sits somewhere in-between. Needing minimal effort to build colour, this is another liner that doesn't require any elbow grease and is a joy to apply. Although, it does cling to dry, chapped, flakey patches more than my others, so it looks a lot better when lips are in good condition. I'm always impressed with Rimmel's lip products and this is another winner, especially as it's priced at just £2.99.

max factor brown n nude colour elixir lip pencil review swatch top 5 best nude lipliners

My ultimate favourite is the Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liner in 14 Brown n Nude, which is the most-used lipliner in my collection. An orangey-brown nude, it has a terra-cotta feel about it. It may not be for everyone, but I'm a fan and it matches my warmer, go-to, makeup looks well. Super smooth and thick, this pencil isn't at all chalky or dry and glides on, thanks to the gel-like formula. Totally matte, this is by far the longest wearing of any lip liners I've tried, lasting for as many hours as I need it to, before I remove my makeup. Like the BD pencil, it refuses to budge after it has set, even through eating and drinking! A little more pricey for a drugstore product, this liner is just shy of £5, but I think the quality rivals that of a high-end brand and I'd happily continue to repurchase it.

barbara daly sugar & spice laura mercier natural lips rimmel tiramisu mac subculture maxfactor brown n nude lip liner swatches
Barbara Daly Sugar & Spice, Laura Mercier Natural Lips, Rimmel Tiramisu, MAC Subculture & Max Factor Brown n Nude Lip Pencil Swatches

Which lip pencil is your favourite?


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  1. MAC Subculture is a gorgeous shade and I agree that they're amazing quality. I love MAC liners! I've heard really good things about Rimmel ones too and they're a total bargain.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

    1. Me too, I especially love their range of red shades, but 'Subculture' is my favourite of their nudes :) x

  2. I love your top 5, Subculture and Tiramisu look amazing! :) I love how fab the Rimmel lip liners are, for the price the quality is fab, but for me one of my favourite liners is MAC Whirl :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. MAC 'Whirl' is such a popular shade, but every time I've been to a MAC counter to pick it up, it's been sold out! I gave up after a while haha x

  3. Thanks for this post! I've been looking everywhere for a Nude liner and do not have a clue which one to buy. I brought so many Nude lipsticks over the last few months but haven't got one nude liner. I think I'm going to try the Barbara Daly or Rimmel one.

    Ami xxx

    1. Well I hope you like whichever one you pick up as much as I do! They're both amazing quality for the price! x


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