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Rimmel Apocalips Lip Product Collection + Swatches

10:39Alice Grace

rimmel apocalips lip lacquer lip velvet collection review swatches

With the constant stream of new releases in the beauty world, it's easy to neglect former favourites. They may have hit the market a couple of years ago, but I still adore the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers, especially during the latter half of the year. I'm not one for buying whole ranges straight away in case I'm not a fan of the formula, but over time, I've amassed quite a collection of these lip gloss/lipstick hybrids.

rimmel apocalips lip lacquers review swatches

Initially, Rimmel only released a glossy version of the Apocalips Lip Lacquers. The original formula packs a powerful punch in the pigment department, has a smooth, creamy texture and a vinyl-shine finish that eventually dries down to a satiny stain. Unlike some highly-pigmented glosses, these lacquers don't leave your lips coated in a gloopy, sticky mess, but you need to be wary of smudging when the gloss is still wet. The sponge, doe-foot applicator makes application an absolute dream. Following the lipline is easy as the wand has a rounded tip, so there's no need to arm yourself with a lip brush or liner for precision. With a well in the center of the applicator, to collect the lacquer, there's always plenty of product to finish the job without needing to re-dip into the tube.

As you'd expect, the darker the shade, the stronger the tint of colour the lacquers leave behind. Most of the colours in the range give opaque coverage in one coat, but it depends on how dark your natural lip colour is to begin with. A couple of the lighter shades take more work to look perfect as they can apply quite streakily, so layering them up is necessary for a full-coverage result. The beautiful high-shine finish lasts for a couple of hours maximum, depending on how much you eat, drink or smooch. Fortunately, the intense staining keeps the colour in place once the gloss has waned and only starts to fade in the middle of the lips after around four hours, on me. Another quick coat of the lacquer is all you need to give the colour and shine a boost, without the lips being weighed down or dried out. I just wish Rimmel would stop pumping that cheap, cherry fragrance into all of their lip products, as it makes me gag!

Although the Rimmel's initial release only featured eight shades, there's now thirteen on offer, ranging from subtler nudes to intense brights to cater for everyone's taste. Of those, I have five.

rimmel apocalips lip lacquer 600 nude eclipse swatch

600 Nude Eclipse is a super pale, neutral beige, that is probably the lightest, lip product in my entire, makeup collection. When layered up too much, this colour can leave the complexion looking rather ghostly and the gloss can settle into any fine lines, so I prefer to blot it down a little. This way, it evens the lip out and looks more natural. Nude Eclipse is a great choice when wearing a dramatic, smokey eye, to balance everything out.

rimmel apocalips lip lacquer 500 luna swatch

500 Luna is a shade that I wasn't sure about when I first spotted it in the tube, as I thought it may be unflattering, but I'm so glad I picked it up. Actually, it's a lovely, peachy-apricot colour that instantly brightens the face. Ideal for Spring and Summer, it's easy to wear and pairs so well with golden tones and bronzed skin.

rimmel apocalips lip lacquer 401 aurora swatch

401 Aurora appears to be a beautiful, dusky, rose shade in the packaging, but it translates as a brighter pink than you might expect, on the lips. Perfect all year round, it's half-way between a hot fuchsia for summer and a muted raspberry for winter. I'm sure this will suit pretty much every skin-tone, too.

rimmel apocalips lip lacquer 501 stellar swatch

501 Stellar starts off as a neon-bright, coral pink, but gets gradually darker as you layer it up and it settles. Probably the most-worn shade from my collection, I always turn to this colour when I'm wanting to sport a bold lip on a night-out. With a warm undertone, I find the colour to be so flattering for my skin-tone. 

rimmel apocalips lip lacquer 400 big bang swatch

400 Big Bang is a classic, pillar box red, with a blue undertone to help create the illusion of whiter teeth. Such a chic shade, it's can transform an outfit instantly and will always look good if you're undecided on what to wear.

rimmel apocalips matte lip velvets review swatches

A year or so after the lip lacquers were released, the matte version hit the shelves, with four shades on offer. Again, the pigmentation of the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Velvets is just as strong as the glossy versions, but the formula is that little bit thicker to allow for the drier consistency to blend easily. Once applied, I find that the colour lasts for a respectable five hours, before showing signs of wear and needing a top-up. Strictly, these lacquers couldn't be classed as 100% matte, as they have a slight sheen to them. But, they feel more comfortable to wear as a result and it prevents the lips from looking completely flat or too thin, giving a more flattering look. Rather than having a dry, powdery feeling to them, the lip velvets have a silky finish and feel totally weightless, but they aren't hydrating and will probably feel irritating if you aren't used to wearing matte textures. 

rimmel apocalips matte lip velvet 307 meteoric swatch

307 Meteoric Matte is the perfect shade for autumn and winter. A deep, warm, blackcurrant shade, it's not a colour for the faint-hearted, but it makes a nice statement. If you're wanting to experiment with wearing darker shades, but don't want to dive in to the likes of Nars Ingrid or Rimmel 107 head first, then this makes a great, warm-up option.

rimmel apocalips matte lip velvet 405 orange-ology swatch

405 Orange-ology is exactly as it sounds - a vibrant, orangery-red, with extra orange added in for good measure. This is a seriously out-there shade and I do have to be feeling extra confident to wear it, but I love how the colour looks with my dark hair and a soft, simple makeup. At the height of summer, this looks amazing, but beware that it can make teeth look rather discoloured.

rimmel apocalips matte lip velvet 505 burning lava swatch

505 Burning Lava is a deep, true red. I may have a drawer full of red lipsticks, but I always reach for this one more regularly than my others, during December. Not only does the colour scream CHRISTMAS, but I don't have to bother using a lip-liner with it, it lasts so long that I can look put together on busy days, without worrying if it's faded and the texture isn't so drying that my lips fall off in dry flakes at the end of the day.

Both the Rimmel Apocalips formulas are available for an affordable £6.49 each. Considering these are a high-street product, the packaging is gorgeous and the colour range is diverse, offering something for everyone. I'm sure I'll continue to add to my collection, especially if Rimmel release any new shades!

Do you love the Rimmel Apocalips line? Which is your favourite shade?


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  1. I only have Nude Eclipse but Luna looks gorgeous!! Also, I need to try and find the matte versions, they look amazing!

    1. They're gorgeous and I'm obsessed with Meteoric, at the moment! x

  2. I haven't actually tried nay of the Apocalips lip products! And you're right, with the amount of new launches every month is easy to forget the older lines. I've just fallen in love with Aurora and Meteoric and will definitely check them out! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I hope you're impressed, if you give them a try :) x

  3. Replies
    1. I totally agree, they've got such a nice range of colours. I just wish there were more on offer in the matte formula! x

  4. I always see Rimmel on the shelves, but for some reason never seem to go for it. I really do like the Aurora swatch though, so maybe I'll look out for it the next time I can! The name "Apocalips" is great too, haha. Lovely review! :)

    Sam |

    1. Rimmel are definitely a high-street brand worth checking out. Their foundations, concealers and lip products are particularly good, considering the affordable price-point :) x

  5. Wow you have an amazing collection! I really need to try some of the matte shades xx

    1. I couldn't quite believe that I'd bought so many when I put this post together, seeing as I purchased them all individually! Just shows how much I rate the formula, I guess! x

  6. I picked up Big Bang last Christmas but haven't worn it since (totally forgot about it). Need to dig it out again this year & I also need to check out a few more shade, love the look of Meteoric Swatch x

    Beauty with charm

    1. There seems to be a consensus that Meteoric is the nicest shade! haha x

  7. I really want to try these, Nude Eclipse looks like such a lovely shade!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

    1. It's quite a pale nude and can look quite streaky when you first apply it, but it does look gorgeous if you take the time to work it into the lip a bit more :) x

  8. ALL of them look stunning! How it's even possible?!

    1. I know! Rimmel really hit the nail on the head with their shade range for the Apocalips! x


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