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UK High-Street Autumn Makeup Haul

08:57Alice Grace

uk high street drugstore autumn makeup haul

As a new season approaches, it’s natural to start thinking about changing up your style to suit the next, few months. Especially eager, as A/W is by far my favourite half of the year, I’ve already packed away my shorts, sandals and bikinis to make way for boots, knits and black jeans. My cosmetics bag has been experiencing a bit of a shake-up lately, too. Ocean Credit Cards kindly invited me to take part in their blogger's beauty haul project and refresh my makeup bag. So, in preparation for the influx of burgandy hues, vampy lipsticks and fuller-coverage foundations, I’ve waved goodbye to my summer essentials and popped to Boots to hunt down some autumn appropriate products that will update my stash and get me in the mood for candle-lit evenings, Halloween festivities and chai lattes, even more.

nyx soft matte lip creams abu dhabi amsterdam review swatches

These little tubes of matte lip goodness have a cult following in the beauty world. I already have a few in my collection, but I couldn’t resist picking up a couple more for my autumn makeup bag. NYX’s nude shades seem to dominate in popularity, with London and Stockholm being mentioned left, right and center, but Abu Dhabi is one I haven’t heard of much. A deep, brown nude, this colour has a strong, 90’s vibe about it that I'm still obsessed with. Amsterdam is a typical, autumn shade and is guaranteed to be a staple in my makeup bag. A muted, raspberry red, it's not too daring and will make a great, transitional colour to ease me back into wearing deeper hues. Whilst a lot of matte lip products feel uncomfortably dry and can look horrendous by the end of the day, the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are super creamy, feel weightless and don't suck all the moisture out of my lips. They may not be the longest lasting out there, but I'd choose a comfortable wear and a few touch-ups over wanting to rip my lips off after an hour, any day!

maybelline color tattoo 24hr cream eyeshadow metallic pomegranate review swatch

Plum tones are synonymous with A/W makeup. Whether on the eyes, lips or cheeks, I love incorporating hints of purple into my looks. Albeit it in a subtle way, seeing as I'm still not the most adventurous with bright pops of colour on my eyes. Formula-wise, the Maybelline Color Tattoos are gorgeous - smooth, pigmented and effortless to blend. Used alone, they create a wash of shimmery colour and, used as a base before layering other shadows on top, they give powders some extra grip for improved longevity, depth and intensity. They don't melt, fade or crease after a few hours, either. Metallic Pomegranate is a deep, burgundy shade full of fine, golden shimmer. As it leans slightly red on the skin, I like to wear it with lots of liner and lashings of mascara, to avoid looking like I've developed a bad case of Myxomatosis. Don't google it.

collection work the colour baked bronze solo eyeshadow review swatch

Collection Work The Colour Solo Eyeshadow in 3 Baked Bronze

Another eyeshadow look I love during A/W, is a one wash wonder all around the eyes, paired with smudged, kohl liner. It’s fairly simple when you’re in a rush, as you don’t need to worry about precision and it means minimal products in your makeup bag if you’re travelling a lot. As soon as I swatched the Collection Solo Eyeshadow in Baked Bronze, it went straight into my basket. Suprise, surprise, it’s a beautiful, warm-toned bronze shade that’s rich and has a large helping of golden shimmer running through it. Basically, the type of shade I’m always drawn to, but a winner all round, if you ask me. It's dark enough to add depth to the crease without needing to use anything else and it's ideal for both day and night. Not only is this shadow an absolute steal as just over £2, but the pigmentation is more than decent and can be built up easily. I've worn it once, so far and it did start to fade by the end of the day, but that's nothing a good primer used underneath can't fix!

soap and glory solar powder bronzer review swatch

Bronzer is something I use all year round, but A/W calls for something slightly subtler and not so warm. One I always add into my autumn arsenal, is the Soap & Glory Solar Powder, so I had to pick up a brand new compact for this season. Ignoring the opalescent overspray that makes the bronzer appear glittery at first, what’s underneath is actually ideal for the cooler months. As one half is a soft, sandy shade and the other is a darker tone, you can customise your bronzer as your summer tan begins to fade. Texture-wise, the powder is buttery soft, creating a velvety, smooth finish on the skin. As the duo is fairly cool-toned and matte, I even use the Solar Powder to gently contour with when I can’t be bothered to hunt down a separate product.

collection define & protect eyebrow powder review swatch

The trend of bold brows always seems to reappear during A/W, so I’m always looking for new products to help give my natural, sparse brows a boost at this time of year. My usual, brow routine consists of a plethora of powders, pencils, gels, a very important spooley and lots of concentration to get the right balance between defined, yet natural-looking. On relaxed days, though, I don’t always have the time or patience to spend ten minutes perfecting them. That’s where the Collection Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder will hopefully come in. A flexible, tapered applicator allows you to fill in sparse patches quickly using the wand on it’s fatter side, whilst adding finer strokes with the pointed tip. As the brush and powder are both held within the skinny tube, this product is so convenient, mess-free and travel-friendly. I haven't given this a try just yet, but I will be sure to let you know my thoughts on it in an upcoming post.

bourjois radiance reveal brightening hydrating concealer review swatch

The Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer has been shown a lot of love since it launched and so I had been planning on purchasing it for ages. Ready to bless my inevitably drier, duller, A/W complexion with some much-needed illumination, I picked up this concealer in the lightest shade available, 01 Ivory. Said to brighten, correct and hydrate, this should make a beautiful highlight under the eyes, camouflaging dark circles and creating a smooth, hydrated finish. Bourjois are notorious for filling their base products with fragrance and this concealer is no different, but I’m hoping that this won’t cause me any skin issues in the same way that a couple of their foundations previously have. From the first, few times I've used this, I've not been blown away by the coverage, but I won't give up on this concealer just yet.

maybelline lash sensational luscious mascara review swatch

Maybelline produce some of my all-time, favourite mascaras. The original Lash Sensational quicky became my holy-grail for volume and length and I’ve racked up about five tubes of it already. As my most recent tube was coming to an end, I went to repurchase and spotted the Luscious version. In the hopes that it could potentially out-do the original, I picked it up instead and couldn’t wait to crack it open. What I loved so much about the Lash Sensational Mascara, was the curved wand that picked up every lash and fanned them out so beautifully. So, I was disappointed to find that this one is straight, but tapered. After trying it out for a week, I have to say it’s nice, but not quite as impressive as its predecessor. Maybe the formula is a bit too wet at the moment, but the brush doesn't separate my lashes as well and they tend to get clogged with product as soon as I slick on a second coat. I have been known to drastically change my opinion on mascaras before though, so I'll continue to use it and see if it works any better, once it's dried out slightly.

This post is sponsored by Ocean Credit Cards, in conjunction with their blogger beauty haul project.

Have you made any makeup purchases especially for autumn, recently?

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  1. Love this post! That Color tattoo shade looks lovely! I've never seen that shade before. I included the solar powder bronzer in my recent Autumn beauty post too! I think it's perfect for Autumn, matte and neutral like you said :)


    1. Thanks, lovely! The colour tattoo is gorgeous if you like using cream shadows and the colour is a little bit different to plain neutrals :) x

  2. Lovely haul! The Maybelline Color Tattoo looks gorgeous. So perfect for Fall! I love NYX soft matte lip creams. Abu Dhabi is one of my favourite shades :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. I hadn't noticed Abu Dhabi until I saw it recently, as so many people rave about London and Stockholm instead, but I'm loving it! x

  3. I love that Maybelline shade, I've never noticed it in stores before!

    1. It's a beauty, isn't it? Definitely give it a swatch if you hunt it down :) x

  4. Eeeesh that Maybelline Colour Tattoo is STUNNING! xx

  5. That collection eyeshadow is absolutely stunning! I can't believe the pigmentation and so perfect for Autumn! I adore the Maybelline Colour Tatoos and Metallic Pomegranate has been on my list for ages! Need to remind myself to pick it up! The Bourjois concealer is actually one of my favourites. I know that the coverage isn't the most intense but trust me on this, it's amazing at brightening! xx

    1. I couldn't believe the quality when I first swatched it, either! I'm still yet to try the Bourjois concealer, but I'm glad you recommend it. I tend to use a separate concealer on my eyes for coverage and then follow up with more of a brightening one after, anyway, so hopefully it works well! x

  6. I've just found your blog and I've been loving it, just followed you on Bloglovin so I can keep up to date with your posts! That collection shadow looks amazing, just look at the pigmentation, I need to get my hands on them considering they are so cheap! I love my solar powder by S&G it's my favourite!
    Charlotte //


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