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Beauty To The Beast: Daytime Glam To Halloween Ready

08:11Alice Grace

Sunkissed recently asked me to take part in their #BeautyToTheBeast challenge, creating one glam look and one more traditional Halloween look, both using their Moroccan Escape Saharan Beauty Palette*. To go with the overall tones of the blushes, bronzers and eyeshadows within the box, I thought I'd go for a neutral, daytime look, but inject a pop of A/W colour with a bright red lip and create a deer/fawn look for the Halloween option. Both looks are really quick to achieve and the one palette pretty much includes everything you need (apart from a few extras which you don't have to use, like foundation), which shows just how versatile it is.

quick easy glam daytime makeup look minimal products flawless skin neutral eyes bold red lip

Glam Daytime Look

Skin - To start, I prepped my skin with primer and buffed a light foundation over my skin, before touching-up any stubborn areas of redness with the Sunkissed Beautiful Bronze Quick Fix Concealer*. Skipping powder, I moved straight on to bronzing, using the lighter shade in the palette to add warmth to my face. To keep the bold lip the focus of the look and to make sure nothing clashed with the red shade, I decided against using blush and just added a little more bronzer to the apples of my cheeks. For an extra glow, I dabbed some of the Sunkissed Highlights Instant Radiance Cream* on top of the cheekbones.

Eyes -  Keeping things simple with the eyes, I used the lightest, milky shade from the palette as a wash over the entire lid, then blended a mix of the shimmery browns over the top. In the crease, I added one of the satin-finish browns and gently winged the colour out slightly. To define my top lash-line, I added a slick of the liquid liner and then used the black kohl pencil through my tight line and waterline. To finish, I curled my lashes and then went to town with the mascara, layering up a few coats, for a fluttery, voluminous look.

Brows & Lips - After brushing up my brows with a spoolie, I used the pencil to softly fill in any sparse areas, trying to mimic the look of individual hairs. Finally, I used the point of the red lip crayon to trace my lip line, before using the side of the creamy pencil to fill in the middle. As the colour is so pigmented, one coat is plenty to pack a punch.

Deer Halloween Look

To transition from my daytime makeup to a deer, I started by removing the red lipstick. A quick note on that, though - the red shade stains quite heavily and I had to use a oil-based makeup remover to get it off completely.

Skin - As I had my base done already, I simply applied some concealer a few shades lighter than my skin-tone, to my forehead and under my eyes in a v-shape and blended it out. Then, I brushed on lots more of the darkest bronzer in the palette to my hairline and cheeks, using it to almost contour. For the nose, I used the brow pencil to draw lines either side of my nose, from the brow to the tip, gently blending it out as I went. I then used a contour powder to create a shadow either side of the lines. At the end of the nose, I used the black liner pencil to map out the shape I wanted and then filled it in with the liquid liner. Using a white foundation (a white face paint would work well too), I added some spots around my forehead and on the cheekbones, close to the eyes. On a few of the spots, I added a dot of the Sunkissed highlighter.

Eyes -  To make the eyes more prominent, I added some darker eyeshadow at the outer corners and  along the crease for extra depth. With the liquid liner, I exaggerated the line I'd already drawn for my daytime look and brought it right down to a point around my tearduct and extended it out a bit more at the outer corner. To make the eyes look more open, I also traced some nude liner along my waterline, before adding some more mascara.

Brows & Lips - To rough up the brows a bit and make them look a bit more natural and wild, I added extra pencil to them and brushed through lots of tinted brow gel in quite a messy manner. To finish off, I blanked out my bottom lip with concealer and translucent powder and then used the brow pencil to completely fill in my top lip. 

What looks would you create with this palette?


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  1. Aww I love the fawn look! I've always wanted to do something fun with my makeup for Halloween but I can never think of anything appropriate haha. The shadows in that palette look gorgeous! x

  2. Such a fun idea to have a makeup set like this that lets you create an everyday makeup look but also something more creative for halloween. Love your deer look, so cute x

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