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How To Boost Your Body Confidence

10:45Alice Grace

tips for boosting body beauty confidence low self-esteem

 Everyone struggles to feel body confident at times, but even more so as the summer season approaches. Whether you're the woman with stretch-marks, the guy who's struggling to gain muscle despite hammering the gym, the girl who constantly feels fat, or the boy with severe acne, we all suffer from low self-esteem every now and again, at least. It's normal, but we shouldn't just accept it. In this post, I've put together some confidence-boosting tips that will hopefully help you feel better about your body.

Mind Over Matter

Confidence grows with age and there's a reason why people aren't quite as concerned with appearance as they get older. Becoming a teen is a time when issues with confidence start to bubble up as you hit puberty, your body starts to change and you start to worry about how you look compared to your peers. We've all been there and many of us continue to struggle with shaking those feelings through our twenties, thirties and beyond. But, as you gradually experience more and more in life, you start to realise that, in the grand scheme of things, looks don't matter. Taking pride in your appearance is natural, but you can't let it hold you back. Push yourself to challenge your self-image fears. Wear those denim shorts. Go makeup-free. Rock that bikini. Chances are, only you'll notice your 'flaws'. Everyone else is too busy worrying about how they look themselves, even if they appear totally confident. Trust me.

Be Positive

Instead of fixating on your body hang-ups, concentrate on the assets you love. Maybe you have a peachy bum, gorgeous eyes or clear skin. I guarantee that others are jealous of the parts you hate. If you're struggling to accept your post-baby body, think of how it's nurtured your beautiful baby. It's easy to take our bodies for granted and forget how incredibly they function to let us breathe, walk, talk and see. These are things we don't even think about and it's good to remember that not everyone is blessed with those basic abilities.

tips for boosting body beauty confidence low self-esteem

Spread the Love 

Misery loves company. If your friends constantly self-hate, that can subconsciously affect you. Give out more genuine compliments to lift everyone's confidence, including yours. They're bound to have a positive influence. If people are intentionally criticising you to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities, then cut them out of your life!

Make Time for Yourself

If you run yourself ragged with work and looking after others all the time, you'll inevitably feel worn-out. Whether it's once a day, week or month, it's important to pamper yourself. You don't have to spend hours and hours slathering on every lotion and potion in your beauty stash - even taking a second to spritz on some perfume is proven to boost your confidence. Don't wait for a special occasion to make an effort; I love to use face masks, paint my nails and fake tan regularly, to feel in tip-top condition. 

Be realistic

Setting yourself impossible standards and aspiring to an unattainable body-type will lead to an inferiority complex. Everyone's body shape is different and the world would be a boring place if we all looked like perfect clones. I couldn't have the incredible curves of BeyoncĂ©, as I'm not blessed with an hourglass figure and I'm a shorty, so I won't ever have the endless legs of Jourdan Dunn. I'm okay with that. It's fine to take inspiration from those we admire, but obsessing over emulating their look isn't healthy. Without a glam squad or personal trainer on hand 24/7, we can't look preened to perfection at all times. Even celebrities can't win - they're either labelled as too fat, or too thin; wear too much makeup, or not enough; dress too provocatively, or look frumpy. Let's not even go into how much of what we see in the media is Photoshopped and edited. 

tips for boosting body beauty confidence low self-esteem

Exercise & Eat Well

Honestly, exercise is the best confidence-booster; it's proven that just 30 minutes of activity causes your brain to release feel-good endorphins. No matter what, you can find work-outs to suit you; it could be HIIT training, weight-lifting, running, pilates, walking, swimming or playing sport. There's no excuses. Too busy? Do 10 minutes of HIIT before your shower or during your lunch break. Short on money? Skip the gym and take advantage of free online videos. When I exercise consistently, I feel miles better. I have more energy, feel accomplished and it's just a bonus when I see my body start to change.

Nourishing your body from the inside out is crucial, too. To feel my best, I keep to an 80:20 balance with my diet and stick to the everything in moderation philosophy. If I eat crap all week, I feel tired, sluggish and bloated. If I'm too strict and avoid all sugar, I'm miserable and moody. It's proven that fad diets don't work long-term, so don't cut corners to lose weight. Never deprive yourself, but avoid comfort eating. Find balance.

Make Changes!

By no means am I urging you to jump to drastic measures, but, if you can't accept your niggling insecurities, you need to take action to feel happy in your own skin. It's easy to say love your body and expect a switch to click and suddenly boost your confidence. It doesn't work like that, but making small changes can help where possible. If you hate being fair-skinned, try fake tan. If you can't control your acne, book an appointment with a dermatologist. If you have dark under-eye shadows that won't disappear thanks to family genetics, learn how to effectively camouflage them.

Of course, something more permanent is an option. Cosmetic surgery is controversial and it's certainly not something to rush into, but it is proven to have a positive effect on confidence. There's an abundance of full-on operations, minimally-invasive procedures and non-surgical treatments out there with varying recovery times that can help you achieve the body you want. But, whether you have ear pinning, botox or breast augmentation, it has to be for yourself. I've had a procedure done, which I'll be writing about soon, and it changed my life. Before you even consider taking the plunge and doing something potentially irreversible, it's important to spend a few months thinking about the decision - weigh up the pros/cons; talk to family, friends and health professionals; choose a reputable surgeon; don't agree to anything you're not comfortable with; ensure you have the means to pay for the procedure without risking quality or getting yourself into debt and make sure you are 100% confident that it will have a positive impact on your life. If something went wrong, would it be worth the risk?

How do you boost your body confidence?


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  1. I definitely agree with making time for yourself. I also think a shave of the legs and a bit of a tan goes along way for me!

    Rachael xox

    1. Yeah, definitely! I always feel so much better about my body when I have a tan! x

  2. I really struggled with body confidence for a few years. I started a new medication and gained about 3 stone. I wasn't happy at all in my skin. Thankfully, I feel a lot better about my body now that I've stopped the medication and lost a lot (but not all) of the weight. I think one of the things that made it harder for me was that what ever I tried to do to loose weight didn't work. It may have slowed the weight gain a little, but that's all. I felt like I wasn't doing enough and it really knocked my self esteem. I found makeup really helped me to feel better in my own skin. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. That must've been so tough, with needing to be on the medication you were taking and not being able to do anything about the weight gain. I'm so glad you're feeling more confident now. You have always looked great and you're a beautiful person inside and out :) x

  3. Anonymous03 July, 2017

    I love this! We could all use some body confidence boosters x //

    1. Definitely, I'm so glad you enjoyed the post! x


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