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Spring Fashion Staple: How To Style A Trench Coat

13:15Alice Grace

tips how to style a women's trench coat

One of my favourite style pieces for Spring is the trench coat. Instantly recognizable, it's a timeless British classic that never goes out of style. For the transition between seasons that we're supposed to be experiencing at the moment, it's an ideal piece of outerwear - lightweight, breathable and so versatile. As I'm reaching for mine practically every day at the moment, I thought I'd put together a list of my favourites ways to wear the women's trench coat

tips how to style a women's trench coat centrepiece focal point bright bold prints colours classic simple
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The Main Event - The trench coat is so iconic that it deserves to grab all the attention once in a while. Paired with an all-black or all-white ensemble, it looks great cinched-in at the waist to really give that strong, flattering silhouette. Keep it classic with the original sandy beige shade or, if you fancy making a real statement and catching everyone's attention, steer away from neutral hues and experiment with bolder colours, varying fabrics, oversized fits and striking prints.

how to style a trench coat casual look relaxed distressed denim plain t-shirt blouse flats
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Keep It Casual - For a relaxed vibe, a trench coat looks great paired with distressed denim, a floaty blouse or simple tee and a pair of flats. Basically, you can just throw it on over the top of any basic outfit and you've instantly pulled a chic look together. Keeping it unbuttoned, the belt loose and scrunching or rolling up the sleeves adds to the effortless feel even more.

how to style a trench coat smart casual look
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Smart Casual - I love to wear a trench coat to give an everyday outfit more of a formal feel without it looking too try-hard or over-the-top. Even ripped denim shorts and a plain cami can look smart with a trench as a topper. I'll chuck one over a feminine dress to give it more of a structured, masculine edge. If I'm sporting leather trousers and heels, I'll don a trench to keep my outfit daytime-appropriate. 

how to style a trench coat work wear smart formal details
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Work Wear - A trench coat can spice up plainer, often boring basics that tend to become the usual uniform when working in a traditional office environment. If you have to wear a monochromatic outfit, then inject another, even muted, colour into your look with your mac. If a suit is imperative, then take a leaf out of Miraslava Duma's book above. When worn over a simple fitted blouse and tailored trousers, the trench can add some much-needed detail, with the epaulettes, belt, buttons and any metallic elements standing out. 

how to style a trench coat special occasions weddings garden parties events
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Special Occasions - During S/S, a lot of events and occasions are held outside, from garden parties to weddings. As the weather can be so unpredictable as we transition from one season to another, it can be sunny one minute and blowing a gale the next. Just in case the weather turns, it's often necessary to have a jacket on hand and the trench coat is perfect. It can look super smart, you can always find a colour to complement your outfit and it adds a layer of warmth without causing you to overheat when the sun shines.

how to style a trench coat evening wear sexy vibe darker colours satiny fabrics draped over shoulders
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Evening Wear - Don't be fooled, trench coats aren't just an outerwear piece best reserved for daytime wear only. In the evenings, a trench can look seriously sexy. Darker tones, simpler designs and silkier fabrics feel slightly dressier for evening, and popping the collar or draping it over the shoulders gives you a fancier way to wear it. A shorter style can give the jacket the look of a dress, but if you're feeling really brave, you can even wear it alone as a dress with a pair of killer heels. Over the top of something daringly sheer, laced or really revealing, a trench can turn down the sex-appeal slightly. Tying it to emphasise your waist whilst keeping it unbuttoned offers a peek at your outfit underneath without ruining the surprise when you take it off.

How do you style a trench coat?


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  1. Some gorgeous images here, I absolutely adore a red trench!

    Rachael xox

  2. I love trench coats! I have dark blue one and beige and they're so versatile and can really go with anything, as you said. They can be casual and elegant. love them :)

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

    1. Me too, I think they're a style piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe! x


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