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Spring Style Wishlist

09:06Alice Grace

I'm sure I'm not the only one that's excited that Spring is well and truly here, now that the weather has brightened up and the evenings are so much lighter. Seeing as blue skies and sunshine are more of a regular occurrence, we can peel a few layers off and start leaving our faux fur-lined parkas at home when heading out. With summer days and holidays in mind, I've started to think about the style pieces I want to add to my wardrobe for the upcoming months and I've found a whole load of items I'm in love with. It's been a while since my last style wishlist, so I thought it was time I showed you what I'm currently coveting.

First up on my Spring wishlist, is this pretty Floral Lace Cotton T-Shirt. I'm not a huge fan of floral patterns, but I love delicate little details such as the lace edging along the sleeves of this plain tee. This would be such a staple piece in my wardrobe, as it'll pair well with everything, but it's that little bit more feminine and special than a standard design. You really can't go wrong with white t-shirts during S/S, so I know I'll get lots of wear out of this top.

Fingers crossed we'll soon have our summer holiday booked, so it's time to start keeping an eye out for new swimwear. I love this Floral Print Bikini Top and Briefs, as the print is bright and fun, without being garish. The darker edging should be really flattering, too.

As I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to the cold, I'm not quite ready to fully trust the British weather quite yet. Just in case of rain or wind, I still like to take out a light jacket out with me. Something that always looks good and doesn’t ruin your outfit whenever you chuck it over the top, is a lightweight jacket in a neutral colour. This Linen Blend Indoor Coat is ideal. The simple style sits halfway between smart and casual, so it'll be really versatile for many occasions. Plus, it has huge pockets, so it'll be great when I'm running errands and can't be bothered taking a bag out with me.

Just like last S/S, I can see myself being just as obsessed with bardot-style tops this season. This Off-The-Shoulder Cotton Blend Blouse is just what I'm looking for. How cute are the little ties at the end of the sleeves?! The blue and white stripes are so classic and, as they're vertical, they'll hopefully create the illusion that I'm slightly taller! 

I'm so happy that dusky pink is a popular shade at the moment, as it's one of my favourite colours to wear and suits my skin-tone well. I don't have any pink bags in my collection, so when I spotted this Faux Leather Shoulder Bag, I added it straight on to my wishlist. It's the perfect size for days when the weather is beautiful and you don't want to lug a huge handbag around with you. 

Espadrilles are a shoe that I've never owned before. I've always thought they'd lose their shape really quickly and start to look scruffy after just a few wears. But, after falling for the beautiful Chanel versions that everyone's obsessed with, I've been wanting to pick up a (much cheaper) pair. I adore the subtle details of these Cotton Canvas Espadrilles. The bast-effect sole is actually made of rubber, so they'll be super sturdy and shouldn't get discoloured as easily as other materials. The fine fringed detailing also makes the shoes a bit more fun than plain canvas.

When the temperature heats up just a little bit more, I can't wait to brave bare legs once again! This Patterned Flowing Skirt is so beautiful, with the paisley print and floaty skater-style shape. The elasticated waistband will make it so comfortable to wear and will hopefully help to cinch in the waist, without digging in.

I still like to wear denim during S/S, as the British weather never gets unbearably hot, even at the height of summer. My usual blue and black pairs aren't the best when it's humid, though, so I've been wanting to invest in a white set of jeans. These White Stretch Jeans With Frayed Hems fit the bill perfectly. Although the fit looks fairly tight, the stretch material should have some give, so they shouldn't feel too restrictive. They also follow another huge trend, with the raw cut-off hems.   

What's on your Spring wishlist?


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  1. I love everything you've picked! I love the detailing on the white t-shirt! The bikini is so cute too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

    1. I always love subtle detailing for Spring! x

  2. Everything here is so lovey! I'm big fan of delicate details and light jackets too! xx


    1. I'm so glad you love my picks, too! x


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