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 It's important to remember that we are all different, especially in terms of skin-type and hair-type, for example. There are no guarantees that a product I review positively will work for you in the same way. I always advise that you research and test out a product for yourself if you're able to, before purchasing it, to ensure that you are 100% happy with the product. 

PR Samples:
All opinions voiced on AliceGraceBeauty are my own. No matter what, I am dedicated to giving my readers an entirely honest opinion of everything mentioned on my blog. Any products that I mention or include in a post that have been sent to me as PR samples will be marked with an asterisk (*) to highlight this.

Sponsored Posts:

Occasionally, I may publish a sponsored post. If that is the case, then I will also state this within the post to make you aware. Any PR samples or products featured in sponsored posts that I include on my blog will have been approved by myself. I only ever include items that I feel are relevant to the content of my blog and to my readers.

Affiliate Links:

AliceGraceBeauty uses affiliate links. In no way does this ever cost you more. This means that, when you click on one of my links, I may receive a small commission for anything that you buy using that link. Just to reiterate, you will never pay more for a product by using an affiliate links.

If you wish to work with me, or have any questions regarding AliceGraceBeauty, contact me at alicegraceb@gmail.com or tweet me using @AGBeautyBlog.

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