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Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Collection, Review + Swatches

17:59Alice Grace

revlon colorburst lip butter collection swatches review

Now, I know that the Revlon Lip Butters are kind of old news, seeing they've been out for so long and the whirlwind has since passed, but I just had to give them a post of their own. Spring/Summer is the perfect time of year to whip out these bad boys, as the formula is gorgeous, along with the colourful, bright shade range. When they were first released, I picked up just 4 of the total line, showing some rare restraint, I must say. Since then, there's been new additions to the permanent range and also some limited-edition shades, to tempt us further.

Acting like a balm, lipstick and gloss in one, the Revlon Lip Butters will have you covered for all occasions. Creamy and buttery, as the name suggests, the formula melts onto the lips, gliding on smoothly, to leave a lustrous, moisturised finish. A joy to apply and wear, these lipsticks remain feeling comfortable throughout the day. Whilst sheer in formula, the pigmentation of them still manages to pack a punch, especially with the brighter colour choices. The shades that contain shimmer do feel a little drier, compared to those without, but only slightly. As with most lighter, glossy formulas, the butters don't last all day on the lips, but they do wear down well and evenly if your lips are in good condition. I have experienced some staining with the more vibrant shades, but it's nothing that a good makeup remover can't sort out. I'm still as obsessed as ever with them and I'm sure more shades will be gracing my lipstick drawer, soon enough!

revlon colorburst lip butter collection swatches review
revlon colorburst lip butter collection swatches review
revlon colorburst lip butter brown sugar swatch

Brown Sugar - A medium, brown nude with frosty, silver shimmer. Usually, I favor brown-toned nudes, as they suit my skin tone better, but being so densely packed with shimmer means that I rarely wear this colour. For my paler skin, this nude leans slightly coppery, but on darker skins, it looks amazing. To make it work for me, I tend to apply the lipstick, before blotting over it.  

revlon colorburst lip butter pink truffle swatch

Pink Truffle - A deep, rosy-brown nude. One of the most used in my collection, this is the only shade I've repurchased. Whether I layer this up to create a darker, creamy lip, or dab a small amount on to add just a hint of colour, this shade is reached for all year round. 

revlon colorburst lip butter peach parfait swatch

Peach Parfait - A pinky-peach nude, saturated with golden shimmer. Compared to the other shimmery shades from the range, Peach Parfait has considerably more and the glittery particles aren't as finely-milled. Rather than having a frosted or pearlescent finish to it, this definitely does not add a subtle sparkle. Like with Brown Sugar, I prefer to gently apply this shade and rub it in, to avoid that overly fake look. But, this adds some glitz for nights out and special occasions.

revlon colorburst lip butter macaroon swatch

Macaroon - A slightly red-toned, medium pink, with subtle, silver shimmer. This is probably my favourite shade of my collection, yet I always overlook it. Strong pigmentation gives a great colour payoff and it doesn't take much for this colour to become fully opaque.

revlon colorburst lip butter collection swatches review
revlon colorburst lip butter collection swatches review
revlon colorburst lip butter berry smoothie swatch

Berry Smoothie - A light, cool-toned, berry pink, with a sprinkle of pink shimmer. Initially, I wore this to death, but soon my love affair with the Barbie-esque shade fizzled out. The candy colour is a little sickly for my tastes now, but this looks super flattering on those with blonde barnets.

revlon colorburst lip butter raspberry pie swatch

Raspberry Pie - A rich, bright, blue-toned fuchsia. This is a daring shade that always turns heads. One of my favourites during the Autumn/Winter season, this can spice up any makeup look and is perfect for parties and Christmas festivities, as a change from classic reds. As I'm sure you can imagine, this is a tough shade to remove, but this means that the colour lasts, even when the glossiness has vanished.

revlon colorburst lip butter juicy papaya swatch

Juicy Papaya - A light, warm peach. During spring/summer, this shade is always gracing my face. Adding a touch of peachiness, it never overpowers a look. No matter how much you pile it on, you can still see your lips underneath the sheer wash of apricot and as it's so light, this shade will look very different on varying skin-tones. Containing no shimmer, this shade doesn't have as much of a sheen as some of the other shades.

revlon colorburst lip butter wild watermelon swatch

Wild Watermelon - A very bright red, with a pinky undertone, free from shimmer. Another bright, this red has a younger vibe, compared with blue-toned shades. To me, this particular colour has a real wet-look, gel effect when plastered on. Like Raspberry Pie, this also leaves behind a stain when wiped off, but if lips are free from dry patches and well prepared before application, you won't need to top up too often.

Revlon, despite being a drugstore brand, charge significantly more than other high-street labels, with their prices creeping towards the lower-end of the premium beauty market. More often than not I'm impressed with the quality of their product launches, but £7.99 per lipstick is expensive for the high-street. With regular 3-for-2 offers in Boots, you can save a chunk of money, which takes the edge off a bit. But, Revlon are just being a little greedy, I think. The coloured quilted embossing on the plastic packaging, is cute and reminiscent of Chanel, especially with the black edging. I love how the colour of the outer casing indicates which shade it is, without the need to look through them all, until you find the one you're after.

What do you think of the Revlon Lip Butters?


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  1. Thank you for a great read! I have 2 lip butters but looking to get many more, so this was a helpful post :)

    1. No problem, I'm so glad that you enjoyed it and found it useful :) x

  2. I had a red one (something named with "apple"). They are convenient and easy to apply!
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

    1. I remember that one, Candy Apple by any chance? I didn't pick it up as I had Wild Watermelon already, but I am very tempted now! x


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