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The Chemistry Brand Inhibitif Hair-Free Body Serum Review: Week 1-2 Update

11:59Alice Grace

inhibitif advanced hair free serum review trial

About two weeks ago, I decided to embark on a quest to get my legs fuzz-free, for Summer. After spotting The Chemistry Brand Inhibitif Body Serum on the latest finds shelf in Boots, I popped a bottle into my basket and headed to the till. Now, over the years, I've given many hair-removal/prevention products a chance and very few have had a real, more permanent effect. Like with previous experiences, I wasn't sure if this would actually live up to the claims, but I had nothing to lose. All I'm after is less pain, less hassle and less cost; that's not too much to ask, is it? I'm not expecting miracles, but I would like something that genuinely and significantly slows growth. It doesn't even have to be forever, but as long as I keep slapping it on my pins, I want my relationship with Gilette Venus, to deteriorate!

Well, I've been applying Inhibitif morning and night, since I purchased it (with the exception of one, very late night on the town!). Whilst using the serum, I've continued to shave my legs, but only once a week. I'd say that I've used roughly 1/3 of the bottle, which means, using that as a guide, one bottle would last for approximately 6 weeks. However, I have been using it rather liberally and could cover my legs completely by using a lot less serum, so it may last even longer. Personally, I always do a full body moisturise before bed, on most evenings. So, using this product twice a day, hasn't been a hassle for me. But, if you aren't used to that, it could be more of an effort for you, especially if you need to rush in the morning.

Let's get onto what I'm sure you all want to know - has it made any difference so far?

Honestly, as of yet, I've seen little difference on the amount of body hair on my legs. However, it's still only early days and The Chemistry Brand say the Inhibitif Body Serum should be used intensively for 2 months for proper results to become evident. The brand do say that the spray has a greater affect on waxed areas, so maybe the results would be more rapidly noticeable if I waxed instead of shaved.

During the day, the minty fragrance sticks around, which is annoying, but hopefully by the time bare legs and shorter skirt weather finally comes around, I can cut down the usage to just the evenings and it won't be an issue. I had hoped that the formula would be more nourishing, as I've had to replace the body butter I normally slather onto my legs, with this serum. Whilst my legs aren't any dryer from using Inhibitif, they could do with a more generous dose of moisture and when using this serum twice a day, that isn't possible. I don't actually know whether I could layer a moisturiser on top of the serum, like you can when using serums on the face, but I'm wary of disrupting the 'magical' Inhibitif process.

I'm not giving up, yet! I'll continue to use Inhibitif and keep you guys updated on any progress in another post, in 2 weeks time. If you'd like to hear my initial thoughts on the hair-free formula, then you may want to read my previous Inhibitif Body Serum post.

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  1. Did you see any results after using this for a little while longer?
    Thanks x

    1. I have noticed that regrowth is starting to slow down. There doesn't seem to be as much coming back through, which seems promising!



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